Did Randall Of “Honey Badger” Fame Just Sell Out Like The Sassy Gay Friend?

Randall, the sibilant narrator who gained YouTube fame through his “Crazy Nasty Ass Honey Badger” video, just made an advertisement for Grasshopper phone systems. It’s awesome that he’s getting paid work, especially with lines like, “The Honey Badger is the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom and it really doesn’t give a shit.” But don’t worry about him selling out like the Sassy Gay Friend—their ad styles differ in one very important way. The Sassy Gay Friend’s ads have taken the place of his old skits and have ultimately ruined his original schtick whereas Randall’s ad is clearly an ad separate in style and presentation from his regular videos. Hopefully Randall will use Grasshopper’s greenbacks to continue making ad-free nature videos and continue showing off his animals at their sassiest.

Via Joe.My.God.