Did Rosie Want More Than Her Fair Share?

Rosie O’Donnell‘s leaving The View over allegedly amiable contract disputes. Or, that’s what she told viewers yesterday. Most people assumed the real tension came from her undying feuds with powerful men, such as Donald Trump.

Today, NY Post speculates that perhaps the disputes weren’t so amiable, nor were they as masculine. Some assert O’Donnell may have been staging a contract coup against alleged ally, Barbara Walters. Scandaloso!

“They’re talking [publicly] about how they couldn’t come to terms . . . but . . . her leaving had nothing to do with that,” an insider said.

While Walters is the creator and co-executive producer of The View with Disney-owned ABC, the business side of the show is controlled by ABC brass.

Had ABC officials chosen, they could have bought out Walters’ share of The View to keep O’Donnell happy, the source said.

We’re not sure we buy this story. And O’Donnell’s publicist definitely, undeniable, unequivocally isn’t buying it: “That’s absolutely not true, it’s categorically false.” Well, case closed.