Did Ryan Seacrest Buy The Gayest House In Hollywood?

It’s common for Hollywood stars to swap houses as often as they swap partners. But when Ryan Seacrest closed the deal on Ellen DeGeneres’  Beverly Hills compound last week, he bought what could be considered the queerest residence in 90210.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Seacrest is shelling out pretty much close to DeGeneres’ $49 million asking price. Why does he want it so bad?  Well, the three-acre property includes a nine-bedroom main house, two guesthouses and a separate three-bedroom house, as well as a swimming pool and large pond. (DeGeneres assembled the compound by combining four separate homes over the past four years.)

But the 9,200-square-foor main residence has a seriously gay pedigree: It was previously owned by out Will & Grace co-creator Max Mutchnick, who sold it to America’s funniest lesbian for $29 million in 2007.

Prior to Mutchnick, it was owned by gay composer Jerry Herman, who brought the world Hello Dolly! and La Cage aux Folles.

Way back in 1972, the house was originally built for The Manchurian Candidate star Laurence Harvey who, according to various accounts, was gay or bisexual: British actor John Fraser claimed that despite three showbiz marriages, Harvey and his manager were longtime lovers. Frank Sinatra’s valet, George Jacobs, claimed in his autobiography that Harvey often made passes at him.

If those walls could talk…

Photo: Jyle Dupuis

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  • jason

    How on earth did Ryan Seacrest end up so rich? Shit, there’s something wrong with the American system of capitalism when this no-talent jerk can afford a house like this.

  • Tom

    How is it capitalism’s fault @jason? Obviously Seacrest has invested and worked his way to his money and can spend it how he pleases, regardless of how talented or talent less people think he is. Or maybe the capitalism police should stop him?

  • n900mixalot

    @Tom: If it was so obvious–as it is the case with Zuckberg or even Will Smith–@Jason wouldn’t have brought it up.

    Nobody knows why Seacrest is a multimillionaire. Sure he started the big-time with Kiss FM, but radio, especially ClearChannel, doesn’t pay shnizst. He is a hard worker and is a successful marketer, with huge contracts with huge corporations … now, of course. But where and how he got his “big break” is a mystery. His voice is not that distinctive and neither are his looks. And that’s okay.

    But there are throngs of talented, ambitious hopefuls out there who really are distinctive and ambitious. The magic is the right place at the right time … for what, you ask? Who knows. If we all did we would all be successful and able to buy expensive gay houses.

  • Pete N SFO

    Well, if it wasn’t the gayest-house in Hollywood before… it sure is now! ;)

    Seacrest, works hard and has for years. He’s in a biz that pays well & he is appealing to
    to a large audience… if you don’t like your situation change it, but begrudging the
    success of another is like a cancer… you’ll suffer in the end.

  • n900mixalot

    @n900mixalot: A person would have to be a mental patient to not want to better their lot in life. Actually, mental patients also bang their heads and twitch and shake to ease their discomfort. Doesnt mean they are necessarily going to stop the crazy. There is a lot more to getting to where a person wants to go than just waking up one day and suddenly, making it happen. Plenty are hard workers but still struggle. Many dont lift a finger and have everything they have ever wanted.

    So yes, do not begrudge … but do not blame as well, for that is just as bad.

  • Robroberts

    Is Ryan Seacrest out of the closet yet? I really don’t care what he is, but pretending to date women at his age is just sad. Oh well, I guess getting rich is more important than being true to yourself.

  • rk

    Maybe he come out now and remove his straight jacket.

  • Lifer

    Ryan made his way on the Merv Griffin train then got passed off to the Dick Clark train. I’m sure there were some Clear Channel party trains in between.

  • Donald

    How did he become so rich? Easy – The Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset (he is executive producer of both shows). American Idol pays him $15M per year plus plus plus….many more ventures in which he is involved…


    lots of closet space. i mean fucking LOTS.

  • Oh, ok

    @Donald: Yep, was going to say his investments in reality shows, and other things are getting him the big time.

    Though whatever it is someone saw in him on American Idol started it I believe.

  • Rockery

    Ryan YOU GO GIRL – trust me I bet all of the maids, pool attendants, chefs will be male!

  • jason

    I wonder if Ryan Seacrest is hiding his supposed homosexuality so as not to scupper the deals he has with the advertisers he works for. If so, he’s a gay I don’t want on our side.

    He’s a disgrace and a creep in my view.

  • bruce

    The Kardashians? So is this vile piece of shit Seacrest behind the Kardashians? Goodness help us.

    He has a talent for foisting no-talents on the public. Fuck off, Seacrest.

  • Jim

    I am with Bruce. I turn the channel or mute Ryan Peecrust whenever I see
    that twisted cunt.

  • Evji108

    How could it have belonged to all those other people when they clearly state that the place was not created until Ellen DeGeneres put it together 4 years ago?

  • Evji108

    We are informed that Ryan Seacrest was a protege of Dick Clark, who also became quite wealthy by parlaying his contacts and talents in showbiz into big business deals. I see nothing wrong with Ryan Seacrest using is smarts and connections to get wealthy. He is an incredibly hard worker and obviously a smart businessman. You don’t have to be particularly distinctive to get ahead in entertainment, in fact I would say his bland good looks and personality have gotten him far by appealing to a very broad audience.
    In any case why is it okay for Ellen to own the house and not him. The whiners out there are unbelievable. Sour Grapes. YUMM

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