Did Sam Smith Just Come Out In His New Music Video?

sam-smith-leave-your-love-music-videoSpeculation that UK crooner Sam Smith (“Latch“, “La La La“) is gay began years ago when he told an interviewer that he aspired to become a successful “diva,” and continued throughout his new album release. In March, he told the New York Times that he’d be flattered to be considered a sex symbol on par with his idols George Michael and Elton John.

Smith’s latest video, “Leave Your Lover”, has some wondering if it’s actually a silent “coming out,” as he appears in an obvious romantic tangle with another man toward the end.

Smith has always been ambiguous about his own sexuality, which explains why he appears to be torn between a male and female lover in the video below. Smith has repeatedly denied having romances with women, and though he doesn’t explicitly come out at the end of the video, he does end up face-to-face with another man.

You tell us; is Sam Smith coming out?

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  • DB75

    Very interesting.

    Since orientation isn’t so cut and dry, I tend to stick with what a person states their orientation happens to be. They may be lying or in the process of acceptance, so I don’t question it, even if I have a strong feeling – or my gaydar goes off. I found that it’s just easier on people if they are not pressured into opening up when they are not yet ready.

    This is a beautiful song, though.


    I can assure you if you’d seen his old twitter account (recently deleted by his peeps) there’s nothing ambiguous about his sexuality — GAY GAY GAY! Infact SUPER HOMO GAY(but that’s okay too!). I understand the reason for the image change and wish only best to our new SUPERSTAR!

  • xzall

    The beginning threesome seems to imply he wants the girl as the lyrics “Leave your lover, leave him for me” plays over the couple. But by the end where he’s looking sadly at the two men having an intimate dinner/conversation, it implies it was the guy he wanted all along. Maybe he’s just being creative and trying to have the video appeal to all kinds of lovers–straight, gay, bi and threesomes.

    If he wants to come out he’ll probably have to be more direct than that video. But I agree, it’s a nice song.


    He was “publicly” out — flamboyantly so — on his old twitter accounts, using the actual dread words.

    But his people want see him crack America (including flyovers) as the “new Adele” (and he lives up to it) so he’s going as far as is reasonable under the circumstances. Its a tricky balancing act

  • michael mellor

    Women are extremely homophobic about male sexuality and will not buy music from a young, openly homosexual male singer. The music business overall will not allow openly homosexual males (especially new acts) to flourish.

    On the music charts in America, it’s really bad for male homosexuality. It’s the Dark Ages.

  • xzall

    @michael mellor: I don’t think that’s true and you probably shouldn’t be making blanket statements about what a group of people do. Just as all gay people don’t think alike, the same goes for women. And if you looked at any of the major players that make decisions about music and the heads of all the major labels you’ll notice that they’re majority white and male. Women are not the ones deciding what gets played.

    You’re wrong and a a clear case to point to is Adam Lambert who gets an incredible amount of his support from women. They’re the ones pushing on twitter to get him named top bachelor for Out Magazine just recently.

  • michael mellor


    You just generalized about women yourself. In any case, Adam Lambert had one hit based on the novelty of being the first openly homosexual American male singer. The novelty wore off and his commercial success waned.

    I would advise all male homosexual singers to stay in the closet if you want to make money. It really is bad out there.

    There is no point in being out if it is going to cost you millions. It might give the GLBT community a warm inner glow but that is not going to buy you a mansion.

  • xzall

    @michael mellor: It probably depends on the type of music. You probably won’t have much of a career as an out country singer.

    But the lead singer of Neon Trees, Tyler Glenn, came out about a month ago and it doesn’t look like there’s been any negative effects. They have a modest hit right now with “Sleeping With a Friend” and their album debuted in the top 10 over all at # 6 and they also came in as #1 top Rock Album.

    I’ve also noticed that UK seems to have a lot more out singers than over here and they seem to do well. I don’t think it’ll harm Sam Smith too much especially in the UK market.

  • Mischiefwolf

    I finally watched this and the imagery of the video reads MMF bisexual triad.

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