Did Sam Smith Just Come Out In His New Music Video?

sam-smith-leave-your-love-music-videoSpeculation that UK crooner Sam Smith (“Latch“, “La La La“) is gay began years ago when he told an interviewer that he aspired to become a successful “diva,” and continued throughout his new album release. In March, he told the New York Times that he’d be flattered to be considered a sex symbol on par with his idols George Michael and Elton John.

Smith’s latest video, “Leave Your Lover”, has some wondering if it’s actually a silent “coming out,” as he appears in an obvious romantic tangle with another man toward the end.

Smith has always been ambiguous about his own sexuality, which explains why he appears to be torn between a male and female lover in the video below. Smith has repeatedly denied having romances with women, and though he doesn’t explicitly come out at the end of the video, he does end up face-to-face with another man.

You tell us; is Sam Smith coming out?