Did San Francisco Radio Hosts Alice + Vinnie Say Mean Things About the Gays?

Have Sarah And Vinnie, the morning show hosts on San Francisco’s Alice 97.3, been suspended over remarks about gays? Or is this a stab at generating media attention? Either way, they’re doing something wrong.

The pair — or at least Vinnie — stand accused of making derogatory comments about The Gs on their 5:30-10am morning show, which “garnered a large amount of complaints against them,” says one report. But without GLAAD telling us they said mean things, we don’t know what’s going on! (Even the blogs don’t know all the details.)

Meanwhile, this wouldn’t be the first time the radio hosts — and why is it always radio hosts doing this crap? no filter? no time delay? — found themselves causing controversy. There was also the alcoholism and rehab storyline from 2008.