Did South Carolina’s Ridiculous Democratic Candidate Alvin Greene Use The F-Word?

Alvin Greene, South Carolina’s Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate who nobody understands, already has a few scandals on his bed post, including an indictment related to showing porn to a college student. But then there’s the accusation that he used the F-word in private conversation, and even used anti-white slurs. Oh noze!

I find it hard not to believe anything a woman named Dottie Sue Maggart-Feldmen tells me.

Now former campaign aide Dottie Sue Maggart-Feldmen accused Greene of using the slurs in a voice mail to the York County man she says Greene was talking about. The message was left for local Democratic activist Will Bigger, who organized a forum in York Monday night in which Greene spoke and answered questions. In the message, which was obtained by WBTV news partner CN2, Dottie Sue tells Bigger she has resigned from the Greene campaign. She says on the way back from the forum in York Greene called Bigger a “fat white f—–.” She also says he called Bigger anti-white slurs.

“That’s not true,” Greene told WBTV by phone from his home in Manning, South Carolina, on Wednesday night. “She is a troublemaker, and she is not with my campaign.”

This is the point in the evening where Mr. Greene begins “howling and wailing” at the reporter.