Did the NYPD Just Ignore Another Gay Bashing?


A gay man in New York City is assaulted in an anti-gay attack, and when the NYPD shows up, they claim there’s nothing they can do, and opt not to even file a police report. Sound familiar?

Entertainment reporter Blake Hayes says it happened to him. And now “nightlife personality” Nicho Mendez claims the NYPD is on its way to a hat trick.

Mendez and two friends were assaulted by a group of men shouting those anti-gay words gay bashers love so much. Relays Gay Socialites:

Mendez says it all started when one of the men asked him for a cigarette. “I said ‘we don’t have any hun,'” Nicho wrote in a Facebook note to friends.

That’s where the story spirals out of control. Mendez says the man called him a fag and started pushing him. He then says his friend, Johnny Robovsky, came to defend him and eventually chased after Nicho’s attacker.

From there, things got worse. Mendez says his attacker returned with two other men who also assaulted him. He also says those same men kicked another friend, Amanda Mills, in the stomach.

The cops didn’t even fill out a police report to document the incident (other than Johnny’s ticket..)!

Meawhile, Mendez has lacerations on his face at the cost of some low-life haters. The attackers evidently lied to the cops saying they too were gay, so the cops let them go.

Mendez had to reach out to a detective in that precinct for assistance. Things seem to be looking up for Nicho’s case, but they’ll probably never track down the gay bashers.

That’s not a whole lot to go on, and it’s unclear to what extent the police were involved, but would it surprise us if the NYPD once again took a backseat role in trying to target anti-gay perps? Nah.

Maybe groups like the Empire State Pride Agenda should be threatening to “find other friends” among legislators who aren’t also calling for a revising of the NYPD’s gay bashing strategy.