Did Their High School Rape Hazing Just Catch Up To These College Football Players?

While the Notre Dame football player is in the clear now that prosecutors opted not to charge him with rape, let’s turn our attention to three college football players, who stand accused with two others of hazing their former high school basketball teammates the old fashioned way: sodomy.

Anthony Clarke (a freshman wide receiver at Boise State University), Nathan Walker (tight end at Idaho State University), and Logan Chidester (freshman footballer at at Carroll College in Montana), along with Tyson Katseanes — all 19 — and an unnamed juvenile defendant face rape, battery, and false imprisonment charges stemming from allegations they sodomized peers at their Blackfoot, Idaho, high school last year. The men allegedly “forcibly penetrated” their victims by inserteingforeign objects into their anuses.

As the case goes wider, more victims are coming forward to police. All three college football players have been suspended from their teams, and will appear in court Dec. 23.

UPDATE: In January, alleged victim Beau Hoskins (who we’re naming here after other media outlets identified him) testified his ex-teammates engaged in “schussing,” a type of hazing referring to forcibly inserting fingers into another’s anus.

Hoskins was testifying at a preliminary hearing into charges originally filed against Anthony Clarke, a freshman wide receiver for Boise State, Nathan Walker, a tight end for Idaho State University, Logan Chidester, on the football team at Carroll College in Montana, Tyson Katseanes of Blackfoot and an unnamed juvenile who still attends the high school.

Prosecutors on Tuesday dropped the felony offenses against Clarke, Katseanes and the juvenile in a case that has divided the 11,000-population community known for revering its student athletes and prizing its winning sports teams. Clarke and the other college football players have been suspended from their teams. The 19-year-old Clarke still faces five misdemeanor charges, including three counts of false imprisonment, stemming from the alleged hazing incidents.

Hoskins testified that “schussing” happened repeatedly at the high school during last year’s basketball season and described the practice as “a group of people holding someone down, forcibly touching them in inappropriate ways and shoving their fingers where they shouldn’t be.” Hoskins said he believed an incident involving Chidester and Walker was sexual abuse.

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  • Spike

    Funny how what goes around comes around.

    Couple of young stupid hot high school boys just having fun, forcibly penetrating teammates anuses with foreign objects, and when then go to prison, fresh meat that they are, will get to enjoy the fun of having their anuses forcibly penetrated with foreign objects. I bet Bubba and the other inmates just love to seeing young guys like these boys show up in their in boxers and t.shirts!


  • Jimmy

    I’m I the only one that finds this hot.

  • ILoveDudes

    Of course not, Jimmy. The one on the upper right is the only one I find cute though.

  • Matthew

    Rape is rape.

  • ~R~

    forcible sodomy is hardly hot. You may not be the only one, but I think are certainly in a minority. Rape is disgusting. It isn’t about “hot” sex, it is about inflicting pain.

  • ILoveDudes

    R : Indeed. I have to learn my lesson and march around carrying a Take Back the Night sign. Rape is rape! No means no! But I hope THOSE guys get raped in prison !! (Look, we all know this is a complicated thing and was probably no fun for the alleged victims, with whatever really did happen. We don’t know. But taken on a surface shallow level it’s a definitive porn fantasy that lots of guys will be turned on by. The two are not mutually exclusive).

  • Joe

    Gosh, I hate rape news reports.
    I don’t think accusers along with defendants should have their names and faces publicized by any media, until after the trail.

    In so many cases people lie, and I hate to see lives ruined by a lie.

  • ILoveDudes

    I agree with that, Joe. I’m not saying these allegations are false (I just don’t know) but we know of other cases where there were false allegations that dragged the accused through the mud until it turned out the case was bogus. Maybe both accusers as well as accused should be kept anonymous until the case is concluded.

  • PatrickB

    By allowing rape in prisons, we effectively outsource torture. Is this really a joke/sexual fantasy?

  • ILoveDudes

    PatrickB : I don’t know if prison rape is as much of a joke/sexual fantasy for a certain ilk of gay men as much as it’s a wishful revenge idea against their “enemy”– the straight male athlete. Whenever these sorts of cases come up you’ll see post after post espousing that they get raped.

  • jacknasty

    I try not to be the stereotypical gay guy who hates sports, but honestly any ‘good’ or ‘teamwork’ or ‘character building’ claims people make about why we have sports are more then negated by the endless issues like this that seem to come up. How many hazing, sexual assault, rape, bullying…ect stories do we need to hear? And in college it gets even worse where star athletes don’t even get an education anymore they just get passed through classes enough to keep them on the team.

  • Americans=Rightwingers (John From England)

    You guys are a hoot! I promise to not get raped so you don’t leave me in the gutter.

  • Giovannidude

    I don’t know about you, but I was sort of let down when the story revealed that these boys (especially the cute one in the upper right photo) penetrated their victims with foreign objects instead of their penis.

    But there will be plenty of time for that kind of penetration in state prison. Sorry for lowering the conversation, but I wonder how much inmate precum will be generated when these boys waltz through the door in their boxers and T-shirts…

  • ILoveDudes

    JackNasty : I guess because it’s still the majority of athletes who don’t do those things. Not that there’s not a lot of criticism that can be directed at organized sports, but… Anyway, South Africa is the rape capital of the world, but we still don’t dismiss the whole country.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    I really do think most guys are atracted to both sexes – of course, not necessarily equally. And couple that with raging hormones & close proximity to other hot bodies, and boom! Guys are turned on…but they wouldn’t dare admit it to any other guy on the team. So they gang up on a hot young freshman. Is it sexual? Of course it is. A dominance game too? Sure. But no “straight” guy could ever agree to butt fuck a young boy. This *is* about sex…and it’s a pretty good bet that one or more of these guys is gay.

  • Hilarious

    Interesting not one mention of homophobia. Instead they get called “hot”.


    When bigots are white suddenly the rules change. Very interesting.

  • samthor

    when you don’t find a healthy/appropriate outlet for your sexual urges, you find an unhealthy/inappropriate one

  • Jamie


    Of course someone had to pull the race card. This story has nothing to do with ethnicity, yet you bring it up.

  • Pip

    Fact is this is pretty much every gay boy’s fantasy. If they were hotter I know I would’ve been happy with the situation.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Hilarious: Your race card has been rejected. Please try another card, you racist bitch.

  • AFruit4Thought

    Wow. I’m really surprised by those who think it’d be funny for these guys to be raped in prison.

    I’m also appalled that people still think that rape is a sexual act. Rape is about power. It’s documented widely all over the sexual assault literature. These guys’ latent, overt, or non-existent sexuality can be speculated on as much as you want. But remember that RAPE is about POWER. NOT SEX.

    As for the race card, why do we mind it being pulled? It would be interesting to see what people would say if the accused were black. It’s also been documented widely that the American justice system deals much more harshly with black rapists…and will convict accused black rapists with less evidence than is required for accused white ones.

  • G Costantino

    Even more disturbing than the crime is the fact that it is being called “hazing”. If anything like this happened on a bus to a track meet where the sport is coed and a female was involved, what would the response be? It’s plain disgusting anyway you look at it. Where are the adults??

  • ILoveDudes

    AFruit4Thought : You’re surprised at those finding it satisfying that they’d be raped in prison? You’re either very young or just don’t know too many gays yet.

  • Jim

    There’s a lot of judgment in these posts. Whether or not these boys are guilty is not my concern — what’s really the tragedy here is that this brings about an opportunity to discuss the dynamics of what is going on.

    Yet everyone wants to suppress the conversation. That’s what wrong with this country in my opinion. No one is LISTENING to each other. You just want to spew your point or your hatred.

    No. 22’s comments — Maybe this person just believes that rape is appalling — no matter who is happens to.

    No. 19’s comments — Race is SUCH a valid point here. And is everyone just assuming these are white boys? The assumptions are CRAZY to me — look at the one boy — he maybe a light black man. Whatever their race is — you’ve all really outdone yourselfs and it’s sickening.

  • ILoveDudes

    Jim : The Fruit4Thought guy might think rape is appalling no matter who it happens to. My criticism is that he’s surprised gay males wish it on straight boys. I can take you back through Queerty, or any other gay blog, and find in every case where someone is accused of something- sometimes the culprits turn out guilty and sometimes they don’t- and there’s a plethora of calls for them to be raped in prison. That’s greatly what the gay is.

  • ILoveDudes

    And Jim : You say, “Yet everyone wants to suppress the conversation. That’s what wrong with this country in my opinion. No one is LISTENING to each other. You just want to spew your point or your hatred” THAT I completely agree with.


    2 on the right side of the Brady Bunch cubes def have Gay faces………good chance they were acting out their suppressed sexuality by their actions………

    Its so ironic, jock culture prevents these dumbasses from doing what they really want to do and that is use their actual cocks to have sex with another guy. But encourages them to use inamimate objects………

  • Dali

    Some of these comments make me sick.

    If a FEMALE minor had 3 WHITE college men insert objects into her anus, what would your reactions be? If a MENTALLY DISABLED minor had 3 BLACK thugs rape them, what would your reactions be?

    And some of you have the boldness to wish the guilty be, in their turn, raped in prison. Rape is rape no matter the perpetrator or the victim !

  • ILoveDudes

    Dali : They would want them raped to. Don’t you ever read these gay blogs?

  • Dali

    ILoveDudes: All right then! Everybody go around raping everybody. Let’s get it over with.

  • ellie chidester

    HEY! shut up ok look at the facts it’s a lie ok! my parents are in a depression beacause of this lie i get bullyed at school and it’s christmas and no one cares for these poor boys and thier families! i with it would all stop it SUCKS! you don’t get how bad this lie is i wish it would stop I LOVE MY BROTHER!

  • Fitz

    @ellie chidester: Yeah, it’s amazing how much pain has been caused. If Logan is part of this crew of people who forced things into people’s asses, he has caused them shame and pain, and now you and your parents too. If he ISN’T, then just hanging with these other thugs has. IOW: what goes around, comes around. Try to comfort your parents, and make a commitment to not be like Logan.

  • nudegayguy


    Getting raped was never one of MY fantasies.

  • Anthony

    @Jimmy: omg i do too!

  • J.

    @ellie chidester: Ellie — if you are really Logan’s sister posting on here, I’d advise to keep quiet. You could end up getting your brother and his friends in more trouble if the media has any quotes from you or him.

  • AFruit4Thought

    I guess I’m not “surprised” that people wish rape on others. Maybe “disgusted” or “appalled” would have been a better word choice. I believe in rehabilitation and other crazy progressive things. An eye for an eye just encourages an escalation of violence.

    G Costantino: I couldn’t agree more.

  • mia

    Re Dali:
    “Some of these comments make me sick.
    If a FEMALE minor had 3 WHITE college men insert objects into her anus, what would your reactions be? If a MENTALLY DISABLED minor had 3 BLACK thugs rape them, what would your reactions be?”

    White college students, but Black “thugs”? Now who’s being racist?

    “When bigots are white suddenly the rules change.” None of you are outraged at the inherent bias against gays because the perpetrators are white and “cute.”

  • Joy.

    Wow, classy comments guys. So homosexuallity means you think rape is a valid form of punishment? Well, thats what I learnt. But, yeah, gay pride! Your rights are more important than anyone else’s.

  • Mac

    Honestly i think that its all a big mis understanding. I heard that they were ALL friends. that and Beau Hoskins (one of the “victims”)came clean two days ago in court saying that he did everything to them that they did to him.. Austin Leslie also got caught in a few of his dirty lies and all of the Minor’s charges were dropped. All of them. From what i hear this is all just bs and the “victims” are just covering their own asses because they did all of the same stuff to the accused. You all know they all used to be best buds before this bull shit happened right?

  • J.D.

    Ok wait, let me get this straight… (no pun intended). A gay website that gives gay men and women a voice… Right?! Ok, so we have CHILDREN…..yes if I read the article right CHILDREN perpetrators and VICTIMS….yes children VICTIMS…and somehow a human being thinks that RAPE is a gay fantasy? Is gay bashing a gay fantasy? EWW how about gay murder let’s all fantasize about getting murdered….Uh hello we are talking about real life here. Who is raising these kids, and worse why are “grown ups” trying to make light of one of the most vile and offensive crimes known to our society???!!! A “fantasy” about rape is by definition not rape right? Please think before you spew ignorance and perpetuate societal stereotypes about gay=degenerate.

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