Did Their High School Rape Hazing Just Catch Up To These College Football Players?

While the Notre Dame football player is in the clear now that prosecutors opted not to charge him with rape, let’s turn our attention to three college football players, who stand accused with two others of hazing their former high school basketball teammates the old fashioned way: sodomy.

Anthony Clarke (a freshman wide receiver at Boise State University), Nathan Walker (tight end at Idaho State University), and Logan Chidester (freshman footballer at at Carroll College in Montana), along with Tyson Katseanes — all 19 — and an unnamed juvenile defendant face rape, battery, and false imprisonment charges stemming from allegations they sodomized peers at their Blackfoot, Idaho, high school last year. The men allegedly “forcibly penetrated” their victims by inserteingforeign objects into their anuses.

As the case goes wider, more victims are coming forward to police. All three college football players have been suspended from their teams, and will appear in court Dec. 23.

UPDATE: In January, alleged victim Beau Hoskins (who we’re naming here after other media outlets identified him) testified his ex-teammates engaged in “schussing,” a type of hazing referring to forcibly inserting fingers into another’s anus.

Hoskins was testifying at a preliminary hearing into charges originally filed against Anthony Clarke, a freshman wide receiver for Boise State, Nathan Walker, a tight end for Idaho State University, Logan Chidester, on the football team at Carroll College in Montana, Tyson Katseanes of Blackfoot and an unnamed juvenile who still attends the high school.

Prosecutors on Tuesday dropped the felony offenses against Clarke, Katseanes and the juvenile in a case that has divided the 11,000-population community known for revering its student athletes and prizing its winning sports teams. Clarke and the other college football players have been suspended from their teams. The 19-year-old Clarke still faces five misdemeanor charges, including three counts of false imprisonment, stemming from the alleged hazing incidents.

Hoskins testified that “schussing” happened repeatedly at the high school during last year’s basketball season and described the practice as “a group of people holding someone down, forcibly touching them in inappropriate ways and shoving their fingers where they shouldn’t be.” Hoskins said he believed an incident involving Chidester and Walker was sexual abuse.

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