Did They Wear Vera Wang?

Last week in the United Arab Emirates, in a hotel along the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway, two dozen gays decided to go for it. They were in the middle of celebrating a communal wedding ceremony, twelve dressed as female brides, twelve as male bridegrooms, when the police stormed the joint and arrested them. Homosexuality is illegal in the UAE; the captured men are to be punished with fines, imprisonment, and forced male hormone injections.

Michael Jackson

The UAE government announced that is was giving details of the incident to show that it will not tolerate homosexuality. Mohammed bn Nukhaira Al Dhahiri, the Minister of Justice and Islamic affairs told parents they must be alert to “deviant” behavior in their offspring. This event is one in a series of mass arrests of gays in the UAE.

That the UAE is going to punish these gay men by forcing male hormones into their systems shows how little the UAE understands homosexuality. Some of the studliest, most he-man males are gay, gay, gay. And on the other hand, some men, who by their own admission are heterosexual, are as feminine as Michael Jackson, currently residing in Dubai.