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Did This College Fraternity Reject A Pledge Because He’s Gay?

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 3.54.52 PMUniversity Of Central Florida Sophomore George Dumont was rejected by fraternity Beta Theta Pi in the Fall of 2013, and he thinks it may be because he’s gay.

Dumont wanted to join the university’s Greek life because he’d made a lot of friends in the system and didn’t want to continue cheerleading as he’d done in freshman year. He had a great time rushing and was all set to join, but he was halted because his last pledge payment check had been lost in the mail. After being called to the board of the frat to explain, it seemed like all was well, but he found out that he wasn’t able to join. Dumont says that other fraternity members told him after the fact that it was due to him being gay.

However, Beta Theta Pi president Nat Jones has denied that any discrimination occurred, and told Central Florida Today in an email statement:

“The men of Beta Theta Pi are certainly disappointed by the recent video statement indicating our chapter is intolerant based upon one’s sexual orientation. We have long prided ourselves on being an inclusive fraternity that values diversity in all forms — no matter the race, religion, creed, nationality, age, socio-economic background, disability or sexual orientation.”

The facts seem to support his statement, as Beta Theta Pi initiated an openly gay member last fall.

Dumont’s initial YouTube video is below, and he is still moving forward with the issue. He has filed a complaint with the director of fraternity and sorority life, and the issue is being looked into by the UCF office of student conduct. “My two main goals are for the truth to come out and for my reputation to be reconciled and repaired,” he said.