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Did This College Fraternity Reject A Pledge Because He’s Gay?

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 3.54.52 PMUniversity Of Central Florida Sophomore George Dumont was rejected by fraternity Beta Theta Pi in the Fall of 2013, and he thinks it may be because he’s gay.

Dumont wanted to join the university’s Greek life because he’d made a lot of friends in the system and didn’t want to continue cheerleading as he’d done in freshman year. He had a great time rushing and was all set to join, but he was halted because his last pledge payment check had been lost in the mail. After being called to the board of the frat to explain, it seemed like all was well, but he found out that he wasn’t able to join. Dumont says that other fraternity members told him after the fact that it was due to him being gay.

However, Beta Theta Pi president Nat Jones has denied that any discrimination occurred, and told Central Florida Today in an email statement:

“The men of Beta Theta Pi are certainly disappointed by the recent video statement indicating our chapter is intolerant based upon one’s sexual orientation. We have long prided ourselves on being an inclusive fraternity that values diversity in all forms — no matter the race, religion, creed, nationality, age, socio-economic background, disability or sexual orientation.”

The facts seem to support his statement, as Beta Theta Pi initiated an openly gay member last fall.

Dumont’s initial YouTube video is below, and he is still moving forward with the issue. He has filed a complaint with the director of fraternity and sorority life, and the issue is being looked into by the UCF office of student conduct. “My two main goals are for the truth to come out and for my reputation to be reconciled and repaired,” he said.





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  • sportyguy1983

    Looks like another gay caught in a lie and trying to bring attention to himself.

  • NateB79

    Or he just can’t imagine them not taking him and so he’s convinced himself that it must be due to his sexual preference. Some people just can’t take rejection.

  • Mezaien

    All he need to do is! come to me and I will make sure he will never be straight again.

  • samwise343

    @sportyguy1983: Just because a handful of douchebags were caught lying does not mean this guy is. Jeesh! You sound like a conservative/Republican saying that racism no longer exists.

  • samwise343

    @NateB79: How do you handle it?

  • jwrappaport

    A homophobic fraternity? Say it ain’t so…

    I vividly remember the fraternities in undergrad: full of rich idiots who had no business in college. It was like the Great effing Gatsby. Christ.

  • davegun2

    George you seem like a really nice guy. Can i suggest that you just not sweat this shit. Really a fraternity is just not that important. Join a club or organization that does something good for the world or get onboard with a politician you believe in. Forget this Greek stuff. Seriously dude. Not worth it man

  • charwegl

    This guy comes across as looking pretty dumb. They inducted an openly gay person during the same time he was rushing. Unless they were trying to fill some quota (which doesn’t exist. I know this bc I’m 25 and was in a frat) then it doesn’t seem like they cared much that he was gay

  • Cam


    If they were asking him for a pledge payment check then they HAD made him a pledge. They had already accepted him as a pledge. Dumping him after is rare.

  • sportyguy1983

    His youtube video has in big letters “NO GAYS ALLOWED”. Clearly he is lying because the fraternity initiated an openly gay guy. Clearly he is lying and is bitter that they rejected him after they gave him a bid to pledge. Plenty of pledges get turned down before initiation. It gets tiring having these liars come out and even more tiring those people who blindly accept claims of racism (and other isms) without any proof.

  • Stache99

    On noes. End of the world. Seriously, didn’t you watch Revenge of the Nerds. Fuck them and start your own.

  • Cam


    Yeah, the initiated him after this one made a stink on the campus.

  • Ben Dover

    Gee – I’m not a college graduate, but after reading the recent sensational cover story in The Atlantic, I thought the whole point of fraternities is to get blackout-drunk and engage in kinky, sadistic gay sex acts.

  • longpastdue

    I find this very hard to believe. I went to a college in the heart of the deep south and every fraternity on campus generally had a couple of openly gay people and while I know there were people with differing opinions about it the Greek system fostered an environment where we could have discussions about it and be cordial. I actually know many people who were brought around on the issue merely because by being involved in our Fraternity they were forced to interact on a daily basis with people of varying religious, political and idealogical viewpoints.

  • Throbert McGee

    “My two main goals are for the truth to come out and for my reputation to be reconciled and repaired,” George Dumont said.

    Hey, Poindexter, guess what! You’ve already given YOURSELF a reputation for being a whining princess who actually needs a girl for moral support, and even invokes the hackneyed specter of “OMG, gay teens commiting suicide, [sniffle]“. For pete’s sake, why would any fraternity want you as a “brother” at this point? Even Lambda Lambda Lambda and Omega Mu would kick you out for being such a total loser mega-dork.

    Not to make light of teenage suicide (“don’t do it!”), but anyone of any orientation who would even briefly contemplate taking their own lives just because they didn’t get into a fraternity or sorority most probably has other mental-health issues — such as the loneliness and despair of being a squishy spineless soft-bodied creature on college campuses dominated by large-brained mammals with boney skeletons and teeth.

    (Yes, I *do* understand the need to Unpack the Knapsack of Vertebrate Privilege and to fight against Darwinian Hegemony, but that’s a topic for another thread.)

    Anyway, Mr. George Dumont, please attempt to evolve a little faster — you’re really hot, but the personality needs work…

  • Throbert McGee

    By the way, I have an excellent and constructive suggestion for George Dumont and other gay college dudes: instead of wasting your parents’ money on stupid fraternity membership fees, join a martial-arts club instead — most large colleges have at least one, and the “dojo” membership is super-cheap because these clubs are usually subsidized by Student Activity Funds.


    That’s what I did in college — I thought fraternity keg parties were loud and boring, so instead I learned to chug beers through the shotokan karate club.


    Once, we all went out to a Chinese restaurant after our belt tests, and the waitress wanted to see our IDs before she would bring out any pitchers of Rolling Rock. One of our black-belt instructors — a gorgeous wheat-blond, blue-eyed, hairy-chested straight guy on whom I had an enormous boner-crush — said to the waitress Ni hao ma, ping-pong xao shi ying moo goo gai pan, which evidently was fluent Mandarin for “I am the instructor of this club and ALL of my students are over 21, so you don’t need to see their IDs”. Which was a brazen lie, but the waitress (and every other employee in the restaurant) was so dazzled by a round-eyed white devil talking pretty good Chinese about the difference between kung-fu and karate that she totally bought the fib, and we all got our beers.


    Anyway, learning karate at dirt-cheap prices for four years was a MUCH MORE VALUABLE AND IMPORTANT experience than anything I could’ve possibly gotten from hanging around a frathouse.


    P.S. However, in my fourth year I did go into one of the fraternity/sorority clothing boutiques near the campus to purchase a customized “Greek letters” T-shirt that said Phi Alpha Gamma in paisley letters with a pink outline.

  • Throbert McGee


    It gets tiring having these liars come out and even more tiring those people who blindly accept claims of racism (and other isms) without any proof.

    Thanks, sportyguy1983, for demonstrating how to be a self-respecting gay homosexual adult man, rather than being an embarrassing faygelah creature from planet Sissytron.


    Because we all know that absolutley nothing Gay in any way, shape, or form occurs in a frat house.

    Especially during initiations, never ever any Gay activity during that process……….

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