Bullshit or Terrible Flashback?

Did This Man Fuck Larry Craig And Live?

Senator Larry Craig denies ever having sex with men. A one David Phillips, however, tells Wonkette otherwise. He claims to have met Craig at the since closed DC gay bar La Cage aux Follies:

There were so many closeted neocons who trolled for cock and ass there, particularly cock and ass on younger men: Terry Dolan, Jon Hinson, and a bunch of other men who seemed to run in a close and secretive group. I had sex with some of them at The Follies, and I even went home with a couple of them – at different times, at least – based on smooth talk and their attraction to a 20-something geek. One of them I would later recognize as Larry Craig.

As the Craig scandal broke and memories began to crystallize, Phillips finally remembered his tryst with the toilet trolling Craig. His reaction? Nausea, of course.