Did Tulsa Police Brutalize Keith Kimmel During Gay Bar Fight?

Keith Kimmel, the regular Queerty commenter found dead at a friend’s home on Wednesday, was the one who got aggressive with police after a fight at a gay bar (that he blogged about), police are saying.

Kimmell was “verbally aggressive, was physically aggressive, was not cooperating in the least,” says the police department. “He was taken into custody at that point.” From our previous report, that altercation stemmed from Keith’s public argument with an ex-partner. But it was Kimmel who filed a report on Monday claiming police brutality, and he has the photos to show it.

It’s clear Tulsa Police are intent on framing the show-down in their favor, and with Kimmel no longer alive to give his side, it’s likely we may never know what transpired that night. In the meantime, an autopsy is planned for Kimmel’s body