Did Wisconsin Sec. of State GOP Nominee David King Rape + Impregnate Lesbian Woman?

Charlette Harris, a 31-year-old Milwaukee lesbian, says the Republican nominee for secretary of state David King raped and impregnated her. Oh man.

Harris, who has the medical papers to prove she’s with child, knows of no other way to explain how she got pregnant. After all, she’s been in a relationship with the same woman for four years. And yet she says she’s carrying the baby of David King, the GOP nominee for secretary of state, who Harris alleges took her to lunch at a restaurant and, after she passed out from drinking alcohol, had sex with her. “That’s rape,” she says. “That’s sexual assault. Now, I’m pregnant. Everything’s not ok.” The pair met, Harris claims, when King helped her get a job at a costume retailer (also named in her lawsuit), for which he supposedly recruits staffers on a pro bono basis.

Oh, did we mention King is a pastor and the founder of something called the Milwaukee God Squad, which seeks to “improve the way of life for families within the Milwaukee inner city.”

While he isn’t granting interviews, King — who’s up for election tomorrow! — released this statement: “There is not truth to these accusations and the timing of these accusations are apparently politically and financially motivated. Today politics in Wisconsin has slithered to a new gutter low but my faith, my friends and my family are with me and his rod and his staff comfort me. The truth will be told, my reputation will be restored and my mission will go forward.” (Harris says the allegations are not politically motivated.)

Will the rape allegations derail King’s election chances? Even if they don’t, his first few months in office will certainly be taken up dealing with them.

Here’s King speaking to supporters: