Did You Celebrate MLK Day By Attacking Homosexual Activists And Their Terrorist Marriage Campaign?

On Monday, some “40 African-American religious and political leaders” got together to celebrate Martin Luther King Day by bashing the homosexual activists trying to usurp the civil rights battle for their silly same-sex marriage agenda. This video, from the Illinois Family Institute, feature’s the group’s advisor Pastor Al Cleveland reminding Christians they “must not be afraid to speak truth.” Like how Illinois’ recent State Senate passage of a civil unions bill isn’t a true step toward civil rights. “Civil unions and homosexual behavior cannot be compared to the noble civil rights movement. [Applause] Nor can it be compared to inherent characteristics like race and ethnicity,” says Cleveland, evidently unaware that race is, uh, a man-made construct. But of course Cleveland is the guy who also claims, “There is no research proving that homosexuality is immutable or biologically determined,” so yeah.