Diddy, or Diddn’ty?

There seems to be no truth to the rumor that actor Sean P. Hayes is changing his name to P. Hazy. Yet even if you didn’t know him for his star turn as Mr. Humberfloob in The Cat in the Hat, you would know him from Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss, a valuable specimen of gay-themed cinema.

Sean Hayes

Jack, er, Sean in real life proved himself a hero in 2001. Driving in the mid-Wilshire district of L.A., he saw a man lying in the street. It was Courtney Cunningham, who had just been robbed and shot by two criminals. Sean pulled over, tore off his shirt and pressed it against the man’s wound to halt his bleeding. Then he called 911 on his cell and stayed until paramedics arrived. Compare that to the record of a certain president who sent soldiers to their deaths in Iraq and strummed a guitar while New Orleans was drowning.

Not only does Sean have acting talent, he has acting integrity. He said this in an interview with Etcetera: “When you see me play Jack, I want you to believe that that’s a gay character. After ‘Will & Grace’ is over, when I play a straight character, I want you to believe that, too.” Of course, we’ll believe it when we see it.

One fun P. Hazy fact is that Sean was an extra in Winona Ryder’s first movie Lucas. You can look for him in 2006 in Simon Says and Shut Up And Sing.

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