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Didn’t GOProud’s Chris Barron Sing ‘Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong’?

Christopher Barron, the chairman of right-y press release sweatshop GOProud, thought he was going on Greg Gutfeld’s late night Fox News to keep talking about CPAC or something equally useless, but instead he was mistaken by wrestler Mick Foley for the lead singer of Spin Doctors, with whom the conservative homosexual shares a nam.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I love Mick Foley!

  • D.R.A.

    Mick Foley! Love him. Sweet man, legendary wrestler.

  • divkid

    …the only mirth i got watching this was witnessing chris barron looking ill. deathly.
    my fingers are crossed for you chrisy boy.

  • Screaming Queen

    well well well, tigers bounce and haters hate. Bonus points for a graceful recovery, but the best answer would have been: “No knuckledragger, that wasn’t me, but I do a mean skaraoke version of “Little Miss Dangerous” Lolz

    Let the hate continue, you oh sooooo tolerant lefties, and a special spitwad for Max Simon’s hypocrisy, GOProud clearly isn’t useless, they seem to be generating a whole lot of stories on this site for your employer.

  • kenny


    Takes a person with a lack of conscience and heart to say something like that.That’s disgusting to say about anyone regardless of whether you like them or not.

  • Zee

    Mick Foley! Wooo!

  • Jay P

    wow hes married. This proves my point: the dumb ones always have a man lol :P

  • divkid

    @kenny: i’ve been a bad ickle boy! …i’m standing on the naughty step now…

    had you an ounce of charity about you, and were you not so down on human nature, you would realise that my remarks were meant in love.

    because, believe me, she’s a modern day saint to me too. oh yeees.

    however, i’m concerned that despite all the preening, gym exertion, cocktail partying etc, she looks like shit warmed up in a microwave. sooo fatigued and gaunt.
    oh, and then theres all that working so tirelessly — indeed, selflessly — on all our behalf, for progress…

    but damn it, she’s sacrificing her looks for the likes of me! well, that’s a heavy burden of guilt to shoulder.

    moreover, didn’t i say i had my fingers crossed for her? why ?
    well, see — because i care!

    shame on YOU for impugning my motives, you cynical, cynical, hater you.

    love ya.

  • justiceontherocks

    He’s a homosexual republican neanderrhal who thinks we should be content to sit on the back of the bus. Too bad Mick Foley didn’t pull out Mr. Socko.

  • PersonOfInterest

    One of Red Eye’s funniest faux pas ever. Laughed like hell. And any of you who read this because you hate Chris Barron, well, fuck ya. Get a valium RX. Take up exercise. Do something other than seeking out ways to exploit your hatred of others. Chris Barron is trying to build bridges, unlike most gays who want to keep us separate but equal.

  • vinnyc

    Somebody call the waaaaaambulance, the Goprouds and their ilk are at it again.Obnoxious turds with skewed values and they expect us to believe they are ” building bridges” LOL! to where ?the ” Mens room”? favorite place for the Gay republicans.
    Just b’cos you are gays doesn’t mean you are getting any slack, being a Rethug is an affliction, just stay out. Selective Racists and Islamophobes and third rate citizens of USA.

  • whatever

    @Screaming Queen: hahaha conservoscum like you get butthurt so easily :) wash the sand out of your ‘gina, gurrrlfren!

  • tjr101

    @PersonOfInterest: You’re sure right, bridges to other people’s bank accounts at the expense of personal dignity.

  • PersonOfInterest

    Your comment about conservatives being Islamaphobes made me laugh . . . since Islam would publicly and proudly execute you for your sexuality that so offends Allah. Go Islam!

    Then again, when DON’T stupid liberals make me laugh?

  • Pete

    GOProudling Chris Barron needs a proctologist to get his head out of his butt.

  • tjr101

    @PersonOfInterest:”since Islam would publicly and proudly execute you for your sexuality that so offends Allah.”

    And you don’t think a lot of christian conservatives want to do the same? How naive.

  • vinnyc

    Glad we can make you laugh, Cos anything the Goproud and your ilk does makes us CRY! the constant need to denigrate oneself, to accept a low level respect and do everything to appease their str8 masters! If it was for organization like yours, Gay community would still be running around for signatures to remove homosexuality from mental diseases.
    Even the Ex-gays have a stronger membership than you do and that’s Tellin….

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