Dina McG Denies Menage

You know that river, denial?

Well, it apparently runs through New Jersey, because former first lady Dina Matos-McGreevey denies Teddy Pedersen’s allegations that he used to fornicate with Dina and her soon-to-be ex-hubby, Jim McGreevey:

Theodore Pedersen’s claims, as reported in the Newark Star Ledger on March 16, are completely false and were prompted by Jim McGreevey. This all has to do with the publicity I have received since Governor Spitzer resigned.

Jim has enlisted one of his cronies in trying to distinguish that situation from his own, and to discredit me in the media. He cannot stand it when I am receiving attention in the media rather than him.

Dina goes on to allege that Pedersen and Mr. McGreevey have a continuing “close relationship,” whatever that means.