Dina McGreevey Still Yakking

Dina McGreevey Silent Partner publicity campaign keeps on trucking. Now that the former first lady of New Jersey has sliced and diced ex-hubbie,Jim McGreevey on Oprah, she’s moved on to the lesser read, yet just as splash worthy, Newsweek. Sitting down with Karen Breslau, Mrs. M again dishes the dirt on her soon-to-be dissolved marriage.

In addition to addressing that infamous “Gay American speech,” Dina goes on to explain how she received advice from another scorned – albeit far more shrewd – woman: Senator Hillary Clinton

My assistant called her office and she called back only a short time later. he was very, very gracious. She said, “First of all you have to think of yourself and your daughter.” That was the best advice I got. Knowing she survived, I can survive also.

Her advice was, get your own counsel, don’t rely on his advisers. She said, “No one else is going to take care of you. You’ve got to take care of yourself. She said you and your daughter are the most important.” She offered to make herself available to me at any time.

Unfortunately, the women have not kept up their correspondence and Dina only receives the odd letter. Don’t worry, though, Dina’s been so busy, she says, “I haven’t even had a chance to send her the book yet.” Poor Hillary’s probably sobbing herself to sleep.

Dina also explains how – despite all the rumors – she never suspected Jimmy Boy’s bent boy ways:

…When you are married to someone powerful, whether it’s a politician or a CEO or a celebrity, there are always rumors and innuendo, If you chase those, you are not going to do anything else. Don’t forget, while all this was going on, I was working full time, I had a baby. I had my responsibilities as First Lady; I had a mansion to renovate.

And, really, what kind of woman would she be if she abandoned her redecoration to investigate claims her husband sucked dick? That would not be First Lady behavior.