Won't Stop Until Daughter Completely Fucked

Dina McGreevey’s A Party Pooper

Jim and Dina McGreevey’s bickering knows no bounds!

Mrs. McG raised a stink last week because Jim, the former New Jersey governor and forever flamer, planned their daughter Jacqueline’s 6th birthday on what Dina perceives to be her visitation weekend:

Papers filed in Union County divorce court show Dina fired off an angry, late-night e-mail to Jim last week, demanding he reschedule the Dec. 1 party for Jacqueline’s 6th birthday. The event had been planned for a month and included invites to all the girl’s schoolmates.
“I suggest you plan the party for different day,” Dina wrote.

It seems Mrs. McG balked at the birthday because Jim and his lover, Mark O’Donnell, had little Jacqueline during Thanksgiving, thus the girl should be hers for the day in question. Mr. McG, however, says that Dina has been “acutely aware” of the party, which includes ponies and clowns. Dina’s response? “Pony rides and face painting don’t make for a good parent”.

Neither does ruining a little girl’s birthday for something as petty as a custody battle.