Claims Jimmy's Meddling Ruined Book Sales, World

Dina McG’s At It Again

The never-ending battle between Dina Matos-McGreevey and former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey takes another turn today. NewNowNext tells us New York Post told them the former NJ first lady blames her homo ex-hubby’s badmouthing for her bad book’s bad sales. From NY Post:

Dina Matos McGreevey says her tell-all memoir about life with the Garden State “Love Gov” has tanked because gay men aren’t buying it – and it’s all his fault!

Jim McGreevey is also the reason she can’t raise enough cash for the nonprofit hospital fund she runs, Matos McGreevey is arguing in new court papers filed in Union County family court.

Are we the only ones who feels bad for the poor judges who have to listen to this self-promoting he said/she said bullshit?

In the fresh court files, McGreevey’s lawyer insists:

[McGreevey’s slanderous statements deterred] purchases by members of the gay community [and] members of the general public who were interested in whether she knew of his sexual orientations when the parties married.

False accusations of homophobia cast [her] in a bad light and negatively affect her ability to succeed in her livelihood.

Um, we think the McGreevey’s casting herself in a bad light. These people need to get on with their lives, for reals. Seriously. Neither one can fart without the other heading to the court house.

Also, they may want to start saving up for rehab, because their daughter’s going to be Fucked up. And, yes, we meant to capitalize that shit…