Dina On Spitzer

Who do you turn to when your husband’s in a sex scandal? Why, Dina McGreevey, of course!

This gal got a grade-A scandal education when her husband, former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey, came out as a “gay American”.

Mrs. McG previously imparted her wisdom to Suzanne Craig, and now she’s back to comfort Silda Spitzer, whose stony, press conference stare brought back many memories for Dina: “It all came back to me. I’m reliving that moment and what it was like standing there next to Jim. I wanted to embrace her and say,`Be strong, you’ll survive this.'”

Dina also insisted that Mrs. Spitzer ignore her husband’s political advisers and “not what’s politically expedient for him”. As for the “him” in this equation, Mrs. McG thinks the governor should resign, of course.