Challenges Richard Dawkins To Debate

Dinesh D’Souza Doesn’t Think Atheists, Gays Are Equal

Dinesh D’Souza continues to astound us! The Hoover Institute conservative previously wowed us when he used the Catholic Church’s gay scandals to support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. It was, in a word, remarkable.

D’Souza occupies himself with the gays and religion once again this week. Well, sort of religion. In his Town Hall piece, D’Souza writes against British theorist Richard Dawkins’ revolutionary idea that atheists should stage a “coming out” a la the gays. Such a suggestion, of course, doesn’t sit well with D’Souza.

Dawkins has also suggested that atheists, like gays, should come out of the closet. Well, what if they don’t want to? I doubt that Dawkins would support “outing” atheists. But can an atheist “rights” group be far behind? Hate crimes laws to protect atheists? Affirmative action for unbelievers? An Atheist Annual Parade, complete with dancers and floats? Atheist History Month?

Honestly, I think the whole atheist-gay analogy is quite absurd.


Whlie Dawkins has some pretty wild ideas, he lacks the raw wit employed in D’Souza’s zinger of a conclusion, during which he challenges Dawkins to a debate:

I hope Dawkins takes me up on my challenge to an intellectual joust. If you want to encourage him, write Dawkins and send the email to [email protected] I’ll forward your thoughts to our wavering atheist knight. He may want to pattern atheism on the gay rights movement, but surely he doesn’t want the world to think that he’s a sissy.

We’d say we’re offended, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from a man who thinks the liberals caused 9/11.