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Director Gaspar Noé defends full frontal male nudity in films, says “It’s a nice part of the body”

“When I went to the promotion of “Love” in America, I got the most stupid questions. Even good film critics were asking me, “Why did you need to show a penis in your movie? Why do you need to show the face of the devil?” Come on! I have a penis. The guys who were asking me those questions have a penis. Why is it in American culture, the penis is the face of all evil in this world? If your dad didn’t have one and didn’t use it with your mom, you wouldn’t be here. It’s the source of life. It’s not the source of death. Weapons are the source of death. In every American movie, there are machine guns, whatever. Even on Instagram, why can you not show an erect penis? It’s a nice part of the body, like my hand, like my nose.”Filmmaker Gaspar Noé speaking to Variety about male sexuality in movies.

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