Dirty Details of Dirty Boys’ Devilish Deeds

Things aren’t looking so good for affirmed pornographers and accused killers, 25-year old Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, 33. The not-so-gentlemen were arrested last week for the murder of Pennsylvania-based bareback producer, Bryan Kocis. And it’s looking pretty premeditated.

The web-based porn duo wanted to hire a porn star named Sean Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan. Unfortunately, the late Kocis had Lockhart’s rock hard cock locked in a contract.

Rather than waiting out the contract, web-based porn producer Kerekes and his rising “star”, Cuadra decided to kill Kocis, a damning affidavit says. The 21-page . Because, you know, that’s the logical thing to do…

An affidavit offers the appalling details of how Cuadra and Kerekes met with Lockhart, offered to kill Kocis and proceeded to carry out the murder. Read all about it, after the jump…

On Jan. 20 – four days before the slaying – the police affidavit says Cuadra used his Discover card to charge $39.95 to conduct an Internet background check of Kocis.

On Jan. 22 – two days before the killing – the affidavit describes how Cuadra set up an alias e-mail account at Yahoo.com and used it exclusively to communicate with the victim. Later that same day, the affidavit shows, Cuadra used the e-mail account to set up the meeting with Kocis for Jan. 24.

On Jan. 23 – the day before the slaying – the affidavit says Cuadra used his Discover card and his driver’s license to rent a Nissan Xterra sport utility vehicle in Virginia Beach. The SUV was gray or silver with three brake lights – matching a witness’ description of a vehicle seen leaving Kocis’ house the night of the murder.

The police also have evidence that Cuadra bought a knife prior to the murder and wiretapped record of him describing the murder: “It was quick. He never saw it coming. Actually, it’s sick, but it made me feel better inside. It almost felt like I got revenge.” Well, at least he knows it’s “sick”. The affidavit also claims Cuadra called Lockhart to tell him about the murder and reportedly said, “I guess my guy went overboard.” Slit throat, 28 stab wounds and lit on fire. Yeah, that’s definitely “overboard”. This kid sounds like a crazy person. And all this for a porn “star”? Sheesh… Is it really that hard to find a cock these days?

Perhaps Cuadra’s apathy stems from his time as a Navy corpsman at Oceana Naval Air Station, an experience he describes on his disturbing blog. Writing in third person, Cuardra writes:

Although he clearly didn’t need the money, our hero Harlow Cuadra decided to join the Marines to demonstrate his great love for a country that has given his so much – and because being enlisted in the military seemed like a kick-ass way to recruit a lot of healthy, fit, HIV- White Guys for Gay Porn. That’s the kind of man Harlow Cuadra is, a man devoted enough and “true blue” enough to “serve and protect” his county, and yet, concurrently, an enterprising business man with the foresight to recognize the opportunity to build an enviable database of guys for future porn projects.

Enterprising really isn’t the word we’d use to describe Cuadra. There is, however, another word that begins with “e”.

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