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Disappointing Gay Best Friends Do Not Want To Discuss Anal Sex With You

You’ll notice that in each of their “Disappointing Gay Best Friend” videos, Mikala Bierma’s wardrobe always changes but Tyler Coates’ does not. It’s probably because when Mikala brings up topics like whether he enjoys anal sex, Tyler runs out of the apartment without a change of clothes.

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  • Yuriy

    WOW :P
    If i’d had a friend like that, DUDE i’d punch her in da face
    .. maybe not, but you get the gist of it

  • Lefty

    I really like these. Okay it’s basically the same joke each time, but they’re both great in them and they’re both v. funny; and they never outstay their welcome, so to speak.
    Not to mention Tyler gets hotter each time.

  • Sceth

    The character they were cultivating seemed more thick-skinned than that. :s

  • Lefty

    OMG Tyler is on tumblr…

    Also, is he reading Nevada by Zane Grey!? O_o
    I think that and the same shirt thing are just more signs of him being a disappointing gay…

  • divkid

    omg i just did the double — spit out my drink AND release a bit of pee.
    top marks for that!

  • PG

    Haha I was worried they were getting old – but this one was pretty funny

  • TheRealAdam


    They should really cue you when to laugh. I’d like to use my acting skills more often.

  • Really

    I’ve watched all of these and at first I was like “yeah, I’m like that”, “yeah, breaking stereotypes”, and now I’m like…this guy is really just kind of bitchy and a little boring.

  • Alan

    Well, your best girl friend shouldn’t be talking to you about butt sex. Some people are private.

  • luke

    Tyler is Mikala’s foil. Although it does beg the question of if it was actually real, wouldn’t Mikala have ditched him for sassy gay best friend.

  • Robbie K

    Tyler needs and I mean needs some butt sex…oh he needs…

  • Corvidae

    OMG! They should totally do a sassy gay best friend/disappointing gay best friend crossover!

  • scott ny'er

    i don’t get it. no, srsly. that was just meh.

  • drew

    i love these,,, the premise is simple but effective.. LOVE IT

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