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Discharged Paratrooper Randy Miller Didn’t Want to Be Seen Even Accidentally Looking At Another Soldier In The 60-Person Shower

There was a 60-person shower (at boot camp) and you’re almost too scared to look. But you have to see to move because it’s a 30-second shower. … Because I was in the infantry, it was more homophobic. I have gay (Army) friends in medical and intelligence. People know they’re gay, but they can almost go to the military ball. I’m sure they could if they wanted to. … I’d go to (heterosexual) bars with the guys. I danced, but that didn’t mean I enjoyed it. I wanted the guys to watch my back, and I’d watch their back. … The Army is in my blood; I love serving my country,” he said. “But I can’t pursue a lifetime dream because I’m gay. It’s like telling someone who loves teaching that they can’t teach because they’re a brunette. You can’t choose to be a brunette or gay. Who would choose to be gay when so many things are (stacked) against gays?

—Randy Miller, a former paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division and Iraq War veteran, who was honorably discharged under DADT after being spotted at a North Carolina gay bar, which prompted a search of his barracks room that turned up gay porn. He attempted to re-enlist during last month’s brief window when DADT went offline; the Army rejected him [via]