Meet Discord Addams: Ohio's Alternative Drag Queen Rock Star Goddess

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Author: Deborah Nelson

Discord Addams is a drag queen who is so passionate about not only drag but life, living and people that her words literally jump off of the page. Sometimes people get into drag having been bullied in school. Discord got into drag and was bullied – at pageants. She felt so unwelcome in herlocal drag scene that she began to travel to Pittsburgh, where she found the drag scene to be less “traditional” and more accepting.

Discord tells her story in her own words…

Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Current place of residence: Bradenton, Florida

Style Type of Drag: I would put myself into a more alternative style of drag. At heart Discord is a fuckin’ rock star but I like to try to incorporate every style of drag into what I do. People spend too much time worrying about what “type” of drag queen they are and not enough time realizing that they can be every drag queen. I am every drag queen and at the end of the day I want to be the very best at what I do. Discord, however, wants to look like she just stumbled out of a trailer after having a gang bang with Motley Crue.

“Day” job: Hair Stylist

How did you get your drag name?: I think that drag names are SO SO important because they’re the first thing people hear about you and they say a lot about who you are as a performer. I chose the name Discord from the goddess of Chaos and Addams from the Addams family. I like to think of myself as Morticia’s white trash cousin in the trailer out back. All of their names were always so clever and I like to think I would fit right in at a family dinner.

How long have you been doing drag?:  I’ve only been doing drag for 2 years but I’ve been obsessed with dressing up in costumes and emulating other characters ever since I can remember. My dad was always giving me great special effects makeup for Halloween and I think that was a big inspiration for me to do what I do now.

Who are your Drag idols?: My inspirations for drag come from Nikki Sixx and Alice Cooper

Discord Addams drag queen head in a cage

Drag family: I don’t really have a real drag family, I taught myself everything and just kept practicing until I got where I wanted to be. The people I would normally have considered to be my drag family practically ostracized me from the dressing room, never really accepting my brand of drag. But I am not here to give power to those who try to bring me down. I feel that we, as a society, give too much power to words, and too much power to those trying to take away our light. I want the world to know we are stronger than words – words aren’t stronger than us. You can call me a faggot, or white trash, or tell me I’m not polished enough, but it’s this unpolished, white trash faggot who’s going to come out on top and show everyone that it’s okay to be whatever the fuck you want to be. Be fat. Be skinny. Be scary. Be beautiful. Do pageants. Don’t do pageants. Just do whatever you want to do and do it with everything you have. I’ve always said I’d rather tip someone who may not look the best but puts their heart into what they do, than someone who looks flawless but is a complete cunt behind the wig.

I do consider Annecy (Annecy Thornton Kenney – Sharon Needles’ drag “bean”) to be a great friend and wonderful amazing supporter of art and the LGBT community. I am so glad that I have gotten the chance to befriend her and to be considered her first drag mother. That girl is gonna go far.

What are some legendary clubs/cities you would like to play?: I would love to perform in L.A. and Australia.

What are your major drag-related goals for the next year?: Take over the world.

Discord Addams drag queen 2Discords

Who was your pick to win Drag Race Season 6?: Bianca and Adore. I was really hoping for a tie to be honest.

Who do you think is in the cast of Season 7?: I have no idea honestly, I was really rooting for Miles de Niro (Heidi Glum) to get on – along with myself of course. Pearl looks like a great candidate so I would love to see her on the cast list.

What are your thoughts/plans regarding applying for Season 8?: I was born to be famous, and drag is my calling. You will be seeing a lot more of me.

What is your drag statement?: Discord Addams: Two wrong feet in fuckin’ ugly shoes.

Anything you want to add?: When I was 19 my boyfriend and I were in a car accident and only I made it out alive.  The accident and his death left me with a lot of unresolved emotions and feelings that I didn’t quite know how to deal with. I also had instability in my home life. I desperately needed an outlet where I could channel all of my feelings and art. That became drag for me. Finding drag helped me to begin trying to work through my shit and gave me such a great outlet to just go on stage and forget about all of my problems. I’m so thankful to have found something that I am good at that brings other people such happiness as well. Seeing the people whose lives you impact, even as a drag queen, is enough to keep me in this business. I love hearing from fans about how my drag makes them feel. It’s such an adrenaline rush to know you’re slowly making a difference.

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