Discover The Gay World With MisterBNB

Ah, the 300-plus prides, the dozens of circuit parties, the museums, the fine dining, the gay ‘hoods. These days, there are so many great gay-themed events around the world, a guy can get dizzy just figuring out where to start. And then there’s the challenge of finding suitable accommodations close to the ‘hood when chain hotels just won’t do and that boutique hotel is shockingly expensive.

Now there’s help sorting it out and finding that perfect place to stay: MisterBNB, gay friendly apartment rentals & rooms. Based on the concept for the immensely popular AirBNB, our friends at the gay-owned and operated web site help you zero in the best places in the best places in the world to visit and stay. And since every listing is vetted, you don’t have to worry about those awkward or unfriendly moments in someone else’s home when you are just being yourself. Basically, you are guaranteed a fellow traveler in every sense of the phrase.

Even though the company only recently launched, they already provide multiple listings in dozens of fabulous destinations, including Paris, Barcelona, NYC, London and Brussels.

Check out just a few of the awesome apartments you could be lounging in right now, and head over to MisterBNB, gay friendly apartments rental & rooms.