Discriminating Against Race On Grindr Doesn’t Make You A Racist

… what’s wrong with having a preference? Don’t tell me I can’t have a preference! I don’t want to have sex with women. No hard feelings. Does that make me a misogynist?… What makes someone an authority on how to delineate when and where something stops being a “preference” and starts being racist? The hell?…

You want to fight racism? Start by getting off Grindr and going out into the real world, where actual racism actually exists. Because there’s a difference between “I’m not sexually attracted to black guys” and “I’m not going to hire this black guy because he’s black.”

… If someone is truly racist, I’d like to know right off the bat… Isn’t it better to know–from the beginning–that someone is a racist, or at least an idiot?”

The Sword (NSFW) editor Zachary Sire, responding to Alex Rowlson’s Fab magazine article “Not Just A Preference: The Troubling Terminology Of Our Desires,” which discussed use of phrases like “no fats,” “no femmes,” “no Asians,”  or “no blacks” on hookup sites and apps.