Disgraced: A Look Back At Kim Davis’ ‘Greatest’ Moments One Year After Marriage Equality


Kimberly Jean Bailey Davis. Daughter of Ray and Joan Bailey. Wife… and ex-wife… and wife of Joe Davis, who she married then divorced then married again. Mother of four (two out of wedlock). Born-again Christian. Fashion victim. Gay hater.

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The 50-year-old, thrice-divorced Rowan County clerk has fallen into obscurity after she she made a national spectacle of illegally refused marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds even after the Supreme Court ruled to make marriage equality the law of the land last June.

Now that it’s been a year since that history SCTOUS ruling, let’s take a quick jaunt down memory lane by looking back on some of Davis’ greatest moments in the limelight…

That time it was discovered that she was pregnant by her third husband while still married to her first

In September 2015, during the height of Davis’ infamy, it was discovered that, in the late ’90s, she had birthed a set of twins five months after divorcing her first husband. They were fathered by her third husband, but adopted by her second.

We know that’s kind of confusing, so in case you need it broken down: Basically, Kim cheated on Husband #1 with Future Husband #3, got pregnant by #3, divorced #1, then married Husband #2, who adopted #3’s twins.

And yet somehow, in Davis’ mind, same-sex couples are the morally questionable ones.

That time she was almost named Time magazine’s person of the year…


At the end of 2015, Time let readers vote for who they thought should be named Person of the Year. Davis was among those included on the list of nominees.

Despite a heavy PR push from her lawyers urging supporters to vote for her, the clerk didn’t even come close to clenching the title, which ultimately ended up going to Angela Merkel. She came in at number 55 out of 60 with just 0.6 percent of the vote–behind ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Syrian President Bashar Assad, Kim Kardashian, and Vladimir Putin.

They say you can judge a person’s character by the company they keep.

That time she set the Twitterspehere into a tizzy when she attended Obama’s final State of the Union Address dressed like this…


That time she was offered $500K to appear in an interracial lesbian porno


In October 2015, the highly reputable adult film production company Dogfart Network, which claims to be “the leading online destination for Adult Interracial content,” offered Davis half a million bucks to participate in an interracial lesbian porn scene.

She declined the offer.

That time she “met” the Pope…


Last fall, Davis managed to snag what she billed as a private meeting with the Pope at the Vatican’s nunciature in Washington. Afterwards, she told ABC News, “Just knowing that the pope is on track with what we’re doing and agreeing, you know, it kind of validates everything.”

Days later, the Vatican responded by saying that, actually, no, it was not a “private meeting” but rather a group meeting in which “several dozens” of other people attended. Sort of like a lineup-style, “Hey, how ya doin’? Looking great — have a rosary. Stay strong. Ciao,” kind of thing.

“The pope did not enter into the details of the situation of Mrs. Davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position in all of its particular and complex aspects,” a spokesperson for Vatican said.

That time she tried asking the court to scrub her record of her antigay behavior…


After falling completely off the radar, Davis slithered back into the headlines this week when her lawyers filed a motion with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, where she’s still fighting a contempt order against her, requesting that all outstanding cases involving her be officially forgotten and her record expunged. Apparently, while everyone else has moved on and forgotten about her, she is still living in a world of self-inflicted chaos and would now like to put the whole matter to bed now.

Please and thank you.

Sleep tight, Kimmy.

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