DISH: Did Ashton And Demi Divorce Because She’s Really A Lady Lover?

Star magazine has a riveting piece dissecting exactly why Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s open-marriage-made-in-heaven ultimately imploded. They cite a few causes—his wandering eye and immaturity; her jealousy, waning career and failing looks (ouch!). But one smoking gun we never saw coming is that Demi likes the pole and the hole. “Demi is attracted to women as much as men,” an insider reveals in the story, “so she didn’t always get what she needed from Ashton.”

It goes on to allege “Demi’s been spotted at strip clubs and in the arms of other women several times over the past few years—and at the same time.”

Accompanying the story are some photos of Moore smooching or palling around with female friends, including a still-lesbo Anne Heche in 1997, that aren’t exactly examples of Black Swan-level sapphism.

So was it Demi’s deep-seated lesbian tendencies that tanked her marriage? We’re standing by Ashton’s Twitter feed awaiting confirmation.



Images via TechCrunch50, Alan Light, David Shankbone