Hillary Clinton met with her campaign staff in Virginia today to inform them that they’re last day will be Friday. They are, however, getting paid through June 15th. How generous! [ABC News]

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  • fredo777

    * that “their”

    ; )

  • Bob

    Oh my God! Now Queerty is attacking Clinton because she isn’t paying her staff for not working beyond June 15? Jesus Christ, get off the Clinton Hate Wagon and grow the hell up…

  • fredo777

    Actually, you read that wrong. She will be paying her staff for longer than they’ll even be working.

    Hence, the “how generous” line…

  • Bob

    No, I read it correctly. It was clearly delivered with extreme sarcasm. In … “Oh, you’re firing me but paying me an extra week? HOW GENEROUS!” It’s time for the Hillary hating to end. We get it. Queerty and most of its readers hate her. Is there any real need to keep kicking her when she’s lost already? Where’s that olive branch the Obama camp is supposed to be offering? * crickets *

  • fredo777

    I’m not quite sure what Obama’s camp has to do w/ independent blogs like Queerty, but he was very gracious + complementary to Clinton in his victory speech. He even gave her much credit for her stance on healthcare, etc.

    As for her firing campaign workers, that’s not a negative slant against Hills. It is just the truth. At this point, of course she’s dismantling her campaign. Why wouldn’t she? If Queerty were trying to cast her in a negative light for doing so, it would be fairly ridiculous. But I don’t think they were.

  • fredo777

    * complimentary

  • Len

    I have to agree with Bob. I think it’s pretty clear that Queerty was intending to imply something negative about Clinton–that she’s paying them “only” through 6/15.

  • fredo777

    I think, perhaps, you’re reading too much into it. Again, what more should she be expected to pay them?

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