Dismemberment Killer Luka Magnotta’s Victim Was Chinese Student

Montreal police have confirmed the identity of the victim of suspected killer Luka Magnotta: He was Lin Jun, last seen in public the day before the suitcase with a human torso was discovered.

Lin, 33, was reported missing Tuesday, when a missing-person notice was posted on the Chinese consulate’s website.  An engineering student at Concordia University, he had been in Montreal since July.

“Have they been dating? Are they friends? We aren’t sure,” said Montreal police Commander Ian Lafrenière of Lin and Magnotta. “[We’re sure] they knew each other.”

Magnotta is still missing, with reports he fled to France over the weekend.

As the story grows, more disturbing details emerge about the alleged killer, an erstwhile gay-porn actor. We heard about the clips of him killing kittens and feeding them to a python. We’ve seen what’s purported to be Magnotta molesting and maiming his victim. (We won’t link to it, so don’t ask.) We’ve read the escort reviews that compared sleeping with him to fucking a corpse.

And now, poorly spelled ravings on a neo-Nazi website seem to indicate Magnotta was a racist and a liar, in addition to being murderous and batshit crazy.

The Globe and Mail reports:

The posts bear some similarities to the style of writing on Mr. Magnotta’s own website. They appeared on Stormfront, a website run by a former Ku Klux Klan leader, over the last year. Among other things, the writer argued white people should have “their own countries,” wrote that he wanted to be isolated from other races and praised Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s “courage.” Most of the racist vitriol is too offensive to repeat.

One post claims Mr. Magnotta was born in Tolyatti, a mid-size city in central Russia, immigrated to Canada at the age of 5 and later worked in the United States in adult entertainment. It also says he is of mixed Russo-Italian heritage. Such information is suspect as Mr. Magnotta, whose birth name was Eric Newman, grew up in suburban Toronto and has been known to make many other unverified claims on the Internet.

But it is consistent with his apparent interest in Russia. He has gone under the alias Vladimir Romanov, the same last name as Russia’s former ruling dynasty, and photos elsewhere online show him posing in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

Police say its too soon to attach a racial motive to the killing.

Meanwhile,across the pond, England’s scandal sheet supreme, The Sun, revealed it got a note from Magnotta in December that read: “Killing is different than smoking… with smoking you can actually quit. Once you kill, and taste blood, it is impossible to stop.”


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  • John McLaren

    Congratulation Queerty. This is a gruesome story but you guys are staying on top of it. I live in CA and there is no updated reports on this story. I guess because it’s not happening in the US.

  • Hyhybt

    Thank you, particularly, for not including gruesome pictures.

  • FreddyMertz

    I first read this story a few days ago and even then it made me nauseous. It has been reported that Magnotta and Jun were once boyfriends and that is how he was lured into Manotta’s apartment. He’s since been put on Interpol’s most wanted list and there was some ominous writing left behind that he eluded to killing more.

  • Julian

    As you read this please pray for the soul of the fine young bright Mr Lin Jun.
    Thank you.

  • Paul

    Yes, thank you for not providing pics, or links to the video. I have no intention of watching such sick shit.

    Sounds like the evidence is pretty stacked up against this guy…sounds like a sick fuck. I hope they catch him and eradicate him.

  • Me

    The video is really disturbing, and I thought I could handle anything.

  • What the f**k

    @Julian: I don’t have a religion …but I’ve done just that!Can you imagine what his family and friends are going through knowing that it was filmed and out there for sick f**k entertainment! Horrific!

  • shannon


  • Me

    I had to turn it off when he had his puppy start eating the body.

  • Kev C

    What’s interesting about this case (to me) is the large number of people who are trying to track him down, both professionally and online amateurs, who have been after him ever since the cats. Despite that, he did a fairly good job of hiding. Normally, femme type gays are exactly the type which bullies and homophobes hunt down to attack. Now that they have an evil fag to hunt, it sort of justifies their homophobia. And since he is very distinguishable, it’ll be interesting to see how long he can stay hidden.

    Aw, look at me, I’m ramblin’ again. Catch ya further on down the trail.

  • Carlos

    Shannon I agree with you. If you actually look into the private lives of MOST porn guys and even women in porn a lot of them are mentally ill, addicted to drugs, and many are practically homeless or on the verge of being homeless since being in porn does not pay well at all. Despite how some do practice safer sex while in porn they do not do this in their private lives and are HIV+ and crawling with STDs, or some purposely get infected with HIV so they can do bareback porn. The ones who make money make money not from porn but from being prostitutes on the side.

    I don’t want to watch the video that someone described where is it so I’ll know not to click on it?

  • B

    [Having posting troubles]

    According to an article that appeared in the Advocate’s web site the porn star was believed to be in a relationship with the victim, but the porn star also wrote racist drivel for a white supremacist web site.

    Having a Chinese boyfriend while writing racist drivel for a white supremacist web site sounds more than a bit odd.

  • B

    [having posting troubles, possibly due to filtering]

    According to the porn star was believed to be in a relationship with the victim, but the porn star also wrote stuff for a white supremacist web site.

    Having a Chinese boyfriend while writing drivel for a white supremacist web site sounds more than a bit odd.

  • B

    Re No 12: the name of the web site I cited got deleted, probably due to editing on my part. Not sure if Queerty objects to that or to something else.

  • Hyhybt

    @shannon: Yes, of course it’s perfectly fair to use this as an example of porn stars in general. Of course they ALL go around dismembering people and mailing off the pieces; didn’t everybody know that already?

    (If you can’t tell the appropriate tone to read THAT in, that’s your problem and not mine.)

    I’m sure they are, in general, more likely to have certain problems than other people. I’m also certain that some of them are otherwise… and, particularly, that even the most drug-addled of them (with an exceedingly rare exception) think thi is every bit as horrible and outside the bounds of what they’d do themselves as anyone else does.

  • JD

    @Carlos: I’d be interested in knowing how you looked into the private lives of “MOST” porn guys. I happen to run a porn company with my partner and close friend and know about 70 actors who appear in porn. Most aren’t in it to make a living and all have full time jobs. Some are bartenders, bankers, retail employees, or college students. They aren’t gutter trash or addicted to drugs, they are regular people, just like you, except they don’t have any shame about their bodies or sex. It’s quite liberating to work with and become friends with people who enjoy what they do and don’t care about what others think. I think it’s ridiculous that the gay community, which consumes pornography at an amazing rate, likes to demonize the people that appear in porn without knowing ANYTHING about them. I don’t know of anyone in porn that I’ve worked with who has purposefully become HIV+ so they can appear in bareback porn. Most guys don’t do bareback and have a very strict condom and testing policy for their own safety.

    And Shannon… just because 1 person ends up a murderer and they happen to do porn, doesn’t mean that all people who do porn are murderers. By your logic, everyone with the name Shannon hasn’t figured out how to turn off the CAPS LOCKS key on their keyboards.

  • mayte

    RIP Lin Jun. Watched part of the video and can´t get it out of my head. Hope that psycho gets caught or killed soon.

  • Bailey

    @shannon: But he’s still a hottie.

  • Geri

    @shannon: You’re an idiot.

  • w.e.

    Looks like we’ve got another Andrew Cunanan on the loose (only sicker). Where will he strike next?

  • Lefty

    @shannon: Saying a serial killing gay porn star proves all porn stars are sick is exactly the same as saying it proves all gay people are sick.

  • Geri

    There are actually some serious doubts being raised that Luka Magnotta was ever an actual porn performer (let alone a porn star) at all.

    “Little evidence Luka Rocco Magnotta was a gay porn star or many of the other things he called himself:”

    He doesn’t appear to have been in any of the 4 adult films that this old version of his wikipedia page states he was in:
    Those 4 titles all exist but there is no performer called “Luka” or “Jimmy/Luka” (as stated on wiki) in any of them. The companies that own those titles are professional and required by law to keep on file copies of the legal ID for all their performers. And as they are professional companies they will have done so.

    Currently wiki has deleted that info and is just saying he appeared “in both straight and gay pornographic videos”

  • Ashton C

    Well according to Shannon’s logic all the gay people who work in factories and dab in photography (like Dahmer) are depraved drug users who rape, eat and try to turn their victims into Zombies. Once again passive aggressive racist Shannon sounds like a really smart cookie here.

    I’ve worked in the adult industry for over 20 years, and know hundreds of performers, gay and straight, male and female and have yet to meet one who cannibalizes, rapes or murders people but hey, give me time, I do like eating asshole, throw in some bath salts and who knows, I may pay have to pay Shannon a visit. Nom nom nom.

  • Daez

    @shannon: It is so ironic that in the same post that you lump all people of a certain profession together, you criticize everyone for lumping people of a certain race together. People are people. Some porn stars are sadistic killers. Some black people are sadistic killers. Most porn stars are hard working people looking to reach self-actualization through whatever means necessary. Most black people are hard working people looking to reach self-actualization through whatever means necessary. It is not any more correct to condemn someone based on their profession that it is to condemn someone based on their race.

  • Daez

    @Hyhybt: I think this whole theory of the porn star as the poor child that was raped by their father at the age of 7 is a myth that was created by Dr. Drew sometime in the 1990s when he was still somewhat relevant. I have more faith in most porn stars than I do in Dr. Drew.

  • Clockwork

    Even if he never did actual porno before this incident;

    He is now a porn star after what he did with that male corpse.

  • Chris

    @Geri: The Sword (NSFW so I won’t link to it) has pictures from three scenes and a photo shoot as well as enough information to find them. This appears to be his entire known oeuvre.

    I assume that if you look long enough and/or wait long enough someone will have collected a list of his straight porn as well. Supposedly he did much more straight porn than gay porn.

    Wikipedia has policies about reliable sources and what to link to and appropriateness which may explain why they would remove some of the links.

  • Geri

    @Daez: And let us not forget that some porn stars are also black people & “people of color”.

    In fact all porn stars are people of color if you ask me, because who the hell doesn’t have a skin color?

  • Geri

    @Chris: I know wikipedia has policies about all sorts of things.

    The 4 film titles in question which have been removed aren’t live linked on most of the page versions they appear on. As far as “appropriateness” of live links is concerned most wikipedia pages concerning the adult entertainment business and actual real porn stars (of which there are many hundreds) have live links to adult content websites. So I suspect those film titles have been removed because Luka Magnotta wasn’t actually really in those films. He probably edited his wiki page himself and filled it full of misinformation like this.


    i only saw the headshot still from that video and now Lin Juns’ face will haunt me forever.

    i’m of a leftist libertarian bent but that murdering sickfuck magnotta and the sickfuck websites that hosted his “works” and nurtured his sick ego has made me reassess my attitude to internet censorship vis-a-vis violence. i had no fucking idea these spaces existed so openly.

  • Mike

    I saw some of the pics in a UK tabloid with the kitten and snake and that was sick enough! Poor kitty! I feel bad for Lin Jun but I don’t want to see a video of him being killed or a snuff pr0n.

  • DrewSF

    Where are people viewing these videos? Were they actually posted openly online?

  • DrewSF

    Also if they were posted online wouldn’t it have been easy for authorities to track down Luka or where he posted them from?

  • azure1

    I have decided to play amateur detective with this case since i first saw the magnotta modelling photos; something in them struck a chord with me in their similarity to the photos one so commonly sees of russian internet brides. i do not think maganotta is canadian, but rather of some former soviet state (most likely in my mind either ukrainian or russian) and his birthplace is togalietti, russia. Togalietti was one of the largest, most industrialised and well kept cities in the former USSR, home to the Zhiguli and Lada car factory but in recent years, a spate of violent crimes against politicians and other prominent figures gunned down in public and a cancelled deal between GM, Daiwoo and VAZ (the owners of the car plant) to produce GM and Opel models in the former USSR states has created this vast, abandoned and unpopulated wasteland that magnotta could have easily honed his skills as a serial killer in. there has been an unusual trend in a growing number of younger male serial killers from russia and ukraine since 1991, and many of the other killings by such similar killers show the identical hallmarks to magnotta in the manner of disfiguration, the publicity of the crime and the lack of remorse towards the victim. also, there is no doubt with the degredation, ugliness and poverty of Togalietti, that magnotta would want to leave it.

    as of now, magnotta has already left what is thought to be another youtube video, taunting the police since they haven’t been able to find him. neighbours at the montreal apartment killing site say in the days prior to the attack, they had seen magnotta wearing a (excuse the rough wordage) “wierd wig thing” on his head and had talked about how strange and incongruous it looked. i feel there is a link between the wig and the soviet-style mail-order bride pictures…. it is common that women who are unattractive in real life are given a host of accutrements at the dating agency to change themselves into looking more attractive. also, the photographers pose and use a colour scheme/selection of backgrounds that are repetitive and familiar to anyone who has lived in the former USSR and seen the inside of these “dating agencies”.

    Regarding the content of the photos, i have shown the photos to to others from former USSR and we all agree that magnotta was an obdurate attention seeker, showing off his percieved wealth for anyone to see using photo backdrops that included private yachts and ferraris. these are rented and it may not be hard to trace the rental agency of these things.

    in my opinion, magnotta managed to find a rich canadian host that brought him to montreal and paid his expenses for a period of time, then dropped him, forcing him to become a pornographic actor. homosexuality is very taboo subject right now in russia and former USSR, and I think that during his time there, magnotta was able to become at ease with crossdressing to the point that his crossdressing disguises fooled those around him. he became comfortable in an identity that isn’t his. adding to the crossdressing theory, on both “” and “” there are some unrelated, random links in the site navigation bar that bring the reader to a dated document in Russian about anti=transsexual/lesbian descrimination. yet another clue that magnotta’s interests lay within the area of changing genders.

    here i pose my final thesis: Magnotta is not Magnotta, nor is he the Canadian the police claim him to be. He is a man whose first name is Vladimir (though his last name is not Romanov, that is a classic Russian-style “John Smith” name) and was born in Tolgaletti, Russia and used makeup and changing his image to become a woman (and to possibly conceal the fact he was underage) to facilitate the process of entering Canada through a dating agency, which produced the photos Magnotta has scattered all over his web site and web presence. Once he arrived in Canada as a “she”, perhaps the client who was to recieve “her” expected something different and abandoned her, forcing the Luka Magnotta identity to return and for him to star in adult films for money to support himself. Ever hungry for attention and clearly gender confused (another article in Russian posted on “luka-magnotta,net”, his web presence is about the suffering transsexual people undergo in former Soviet Union) he began to claim attention by killing first animals (the hallmark of a serial killer) and then people.

  • Clockwork


    Dude are you KGB?

    That was an awesome read, thanks.

  • Chris

    @Geri: He probably did write that version of the Wiki page himself. However one of the videos linked to can be matched to a scene pictured on the gossip site I mentioned. I would expect that the owners of whatever sites he worked for have taken his stuff down by now.

    His kitten killing videos were widely reported on and still popping up on Youtube occasionally last I checked. For better or for worse, once the things were out there and notorious, they were copied and made available on various uncensored forums.

    The murder video was posted a few days before the body parts started showing up. Some people did report it to the police and there was a lot of buzz about in the darker corners of the Internet. However the police apparently did not take it seriously until the foot was found in the mail and they started piecing things together.

    It is quite possible to post things to the Internet in a way that leaves no trace as to your actual location. But many people though have thought that they were anonymous but ended up leading the police to themselves. Dennis Rader, the BTK killer is perhaps the best known example (he sent a Microsoft Word file to the police that announced that it had been typed on a particular church computer). Since Magnotta is now in hiding and possibly not even on the continent anymore, it may be irrelevant whether they can trace the posting to his apartment, a nearby coffee shop, Montreal, or nowhere at all. In any case the video itself shows a person he knew and his apartment. For that matter, more than one Internet criminal has been tracked down by thousands of people studying the interior of a building.

  • mc

    I’m not sure what porn he’s actually done but a porn website called Badpuppy Enterprise did acknowledge he did some work for them.

    Per HuffPo: “A gay porn website based in Florida also sought to distance itself from Magnotta.

    Lisa Turner of Badpuppy Enterprises released a statement saying the company learned of a “very creepy connection” with the suspected killer.

    On Friday, Turner told The Canadian Press that Magnotta appeared in one video and photo shoot for Badpuppy in November 2005.

    ‘Badpuppy has had no contact or connection of any kind with the model, since the November 2005 shoot was completed,’ she wrote in an email.”

  • Geri

    @Chris: & @mc: OK. I’ve seen quite a lot of evidence now that he did do some gay porn for several companies including badpuppy. It’s all stuff dating back to circa 2004 -2206 and just one or two scenes for each company.

    No Chris, not all those sites are taking his scene or scenes down – not yet anyway. If he really has done some straight and/or bisexual porn as well no doubt some details about this will emerge over the next few days. One of the bigger companies he did a couple of gay scenes for also produce a lot of straight porn.


    @azure1: i do hope you’re not actually magnotta, because that claptrap sounds awfully like his self-mythologising, narcissistic ramblings and i don’t want to be sharing a space with no scrawny, no-assed, fugly, second rate slasher.

    bitch, aint no MIAMI CANNIBAL!

    ha. that’s right you got you’re timing wrong: overshadowed. they’re forgetting about you already.

    suck it up bitch (with a nice chianti and some fava beans. nach).

    “luka” is a NOBODY that had to kill to get any attention — which doesn’t make him a SOMEBODY; it makes him a LOSER, spelled out in blood.

  • jonjon

    I wish people would stop watching the video out of morbid curiosity. It’s disrespectful and insensitive to the terrifying suffering that Lin Jun went through, and it just gives attention to a sick loser who craves it.

  • Rockery


    LOL stop it! In porn to meet friends who are comfortably with their bodies?? That is too funny…

  • azure1

    i am not magnotta, nor am i svr (predececesser to KGB). I just happen to be Russian and gay and noticed similarities. how is there anything narcissistic about what i posted? all of it is in the public realm, i just put it together where you are too dumb to assemble. you need to participate in your own snuff film, writing what your vomit-stained gaping whore asshole self does. here’s hoping a truck collides with you while you cross the street to the box you live in while you commute from turning tricks, shitbag.

    what you’re right about is that luka is a nobody who had to kill to get attention; what is frightening about luka is his ability to evade international authorities with the poor quality of his identity illusion techniques. there is currently an interpol red notice in his “names”, if he passes through an international airport that has an iris scan or some sort of biometric security like fingerprints, the recorded biometric data he submitted when he applied for a canadian passport officially as magnotta will be flagged. we know he’s travelled on his magnotta canadian passport and he’s distinctive-looking enough, he should be located easily.

    and the poor lin jun. alone in a foreign country having just arrived from agricultural central china, probably confused about his own sexual identity; an easy target and one to be mourned tonight and always,

  • Clockwork


    I think you’re on to something. I read the links on is site (you will need to translate them using google) this guy is no native Canadian, he’s obviously Russian and for some reason also likes to post in Arabic. No excuse for what he did, but there is a trouble past. Like many psychopaths, he left what seems to be a manifesto and a cry for help months before they snapped into murder.

    There are parts of the world that have become so dysfunction they are creating murderers. A little more caution needs to employed before granting visas to immigrants from war zones and countries where the social structure has broken down; as in Togalietti Russia where organized crime wields more power than an elected government.

  • Lise

    There’s no racist motive. The shit Luka posted about being Russian and Arabic and anything else was a lie. He’s a (Canadian born/raised) troll. He says whatever he can to get attention. For 5 minutes he was pretending to be a Russian white supremacist who was kicked out of Canada. 100% false. For another 5 minutes he was pretending to be a Scientologist. He pretended to be in the Mafia. Then he claimed to be dating Karla Homolka. And to have slept with his own mother. To have been gang raped. To have a wife and child. To be a famous star. He’s a compulsive, pathological liar. The murder was planned months in advance and advertized before it happened. He was trolling Craigslist for randoms but got rejected. Poor Lin Jun was just unlucky.

    Btw, Luka the lunatic has been posting obsessively on youtube AFTER the murder. I think he’ll be caught soon cuz he can’t shut up.

  • Buck

    Clockwork-This guy made the choice to kill animals and later people. He’s scum and I hope the authorities catch him fast. If he is Russian or from the former USSR I would not feel bad if he was given the death penalty there, or if he rotted in a GULAG.

  • Geri

    @azure1: If Magnotta is a Russian who is Eric Clinton Newman?

    Eric Clinton Newman is being reported as Magnotta’s real name. Not only that, members of his family, the towns in Canada where he grew up, the school he went to etc, are all being named in some news reports.

  • Geri

    @azure1: Magnotta’s /Newman’s criminal past:

    TORONTO – Porn actor and suspected killer Luka Magnotta is no stranger to the wrong side of the law.

    The 29-year-old has been before the courts numerous times in Toronto, where he lived most of his life, but for offences much less serious than the murder rap he’s now facing.

    In 2004, Magnotta was arrested and slapped with a dozen charges, including fraud and sexual assault.

    However, at that time he was still using his real name, Eric Clinton Newman.

    According to court documents obtained by the Toronto Sun, Newman and a friend, both 22 at the time, were accused of defrauding a woman out of nearly $17,000.

    Newman also was alleged to have impersonated that woman to obtain an American Express card, which he used to go on a shopping spree at several department stores. He also was alleged to have used that woman’s identity to get a cellphone, cable service and a modem from Rogers.

    And Newman was accused of further victimizing that same woman by sexually assaulting her.
    Read On:

    He was in London 6 months ago, went to the Sun Newspaper offices and was deported by British Police

    There’s also rumours going around that he murdered his aunt, Andrea Yourkin, in 2010 by forcing pills down her throat.

  • Chris

    1. Vladimir Romanov is a fantasy personality Newman/Magnotta made up for himself.

    2. Magnotta liked to create phony online accounts and post long stories about his various personae and then create more phony online accounts and deny his own long stories.

    3. There’s not anything real out there tying him to former Soviet states, let alone to Togliatti. I’m reading about Togliatti and while it may not be the nicest place in the world, it’s also not what I think of as serial killer breeding ground.

    4. Yeah, I’m getting freaked out too.

    5. Some people just like to mess with people, and most of them aren’t criminals.

  • richardporter

    Canadian Cannibal Eats Chinese Roommate and Hour Later Claims He’s Still Hungry!

  • Elmwood Mac


    Way to go idiot. I bet you worked on that line all weekend.

  • Geri

    It’s all over the news that Magnotta has been arrested in Berlin, Germany. Hope it’s true.

  • Rex

    Police said ?Luka Magnotta, 29, was found at an Internet cafe in the Neu-Koelln disctict of Berlin. Reuters and Canada’s CBC News also reported the arrest.

    Interpol issued an arrest warrant on Thursday for Magnotta who faces first-degree murder charges over the videotaped death of 32-year-old Chinese student Jun Lin, whose body parts were mailed to a political party in Ottawa.

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