Dismemberment Killer Luka Magnotta’s Victim Was Chinese Student

Montreal police have confirmed the identity of the victim of suspected killer Luka Magnotta: He was Lin Jun, last seen in public the day before the suitcase with a human torso was discovered.

Lin, 33, was reported missing Tuesday, when a missing-person notice was posted on the Chinese consulate’s website.  An engineering student at Concordia University, he had been in Montreal since July.

“Have they been dating? Are they friends? We aren’t sure,” said Montreal police Commander Ian Lafrenière of Lin and Magnotta. “[We’re sure] they knew each other.”

Magnotta is still missing, with reports he fled to France over the weekend.

As the story grows, more disturbing details emerge about the alleged killer, an erstwhile gay-porn actor. We heard about the clips of him killing kittens and feeding them to a python. We’ve seen what’s purported to be Magnotta molesting and maiming his victim. (We won’t link to it, so don’t ask.) We’ve read the escort reviews that compared sleeping with him to fucking a corpse.

And now, poorly spelled ravings on a neo-Nazi website seem to indicate Magnotta was a racist and a liar, in addition to being murderous and batshit crazy.

The Globe and Mail reports:

The posts bear some similarities to the style of writing on Mr. Magnotta’s own website. They appeared on Stormfront, a website run by a former Ku Klux Klan leader, over the last year. Among other things, the writer argued white people should have “their own countries,” wrote that he wanted to be isolated from other races and praised Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s “courage.” Most of the racist vitriol is too offensive to repeat.

One post claims Mr. Magnotta was born in Tolyatti, a mid-size city in central Russia, immigrated to Canada at the age of 5 and later worked in the United States in adult entertainment. It also says he is of mixed Russo-Italian heritage. Such information is suspect as Mr. Magnotta, whose birth name was Eric Newman, grew up in suburban Toronto and has been known to make many other unverified claims on the Internet.

But it is consistent with his apparent interest in Russia. He has gone under the alias Vladimir Romanov, the same last name as Russia’s former ruling dynasty, and photos elsewhere online show him posing in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

Police say its too soon to attach a racial motive to the killing.

Meanwhile,across the pond, England’s scandal sheet supreme, The Sun, revealed it got a note from Magnotta in December that read: “Killing is different than smoking… with smoking you can actually quit. Once you kill, and taste blood, it is impossible to stop.”


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