Disney Channel Introduces First Gay Couple With Roaring Laugh Track

It’s hard to believe that it’s taken this long for The Disney Channel to feature a same-sex couple in one of its shows, but apparently, it has happened. The Disney Channel officially featured their first lesbian couple in an episode of Good Luck Charlie this week, and the whole situation is just so hilarious that they’ve plugged a laugh track over it because—you know—gay people are hilarious!

As you can see in the clip above, parents Bob and Amy Duncan share confusion over who, exactly, is the mother of Taylor, a child whom Charlie has invited over for a playdate. While awaiting the arrival of their guests, Amy swears she’s met Taylor’s mother Susan. Duncan swears he’s met Taylor’s mother Cheryl.

Haha! screams the laugh track, as Amy opens the door to reveal Taylor’s two lesbian moms. Faint giggles are heard as the lesbian mothers are introduced. Finally, a screeching LOL! in response to Duncan’s revelation that “Taylor has two moms!”

Disney claims it “consulted child development experts and community advisors” to make sure the Miley Cyrus-approved same-sex parent plot was “relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.” LOL! Wonder if those child development experts roared with laughter when Disney brought up lesbian moms?

Sure, I understand that most sitcoms rely on laugh tracks to ease you through painfully boring dialogue, but is making a lesbian couple the punchline of (admittedly a harmless) joke the best way to “reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness”? C’mon, Disney, I thought you were smarter than this.

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  • Louis

    Nope I watched the scene and it was handled really well they treated it as it were Normal and it didn’t bother them in any capacity.

    The mothers were not the punch line ive watched this show for years and as it normally is the dads naivete and ignorance is what was the punch line.

    Not as in eww they are gay get them away from me but as in ohhhh I forgot he had 2 moms.

    There was no disrespect whatsoever in that scene and I applaud Disney for taking a very big step in the right direction .

    Its much better too live in an inclusive world then an exclusive one and Disney finally opened that door.

    Albeit this show sadly is going off within a week or so for good but this is still a wonderful evolution for the Disney Channel.

    The laugh track in that scene was harmless I cant believe that was what was concentrated on.

    Disney has never ever done this before this is the first time they have ever done this which is further proof that things are slowly getting better and evolving as they should.

    The fact that the moms WERENT used as a punchline and were treated as if there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about it is indeed progress especially for the Disney channel.

  • Louis

    If you want too see true intolerance just look at the youtube comments on this video the more things change sadly the more they stay the same .

  • KittyLitter

    @Louis: Bigots have more time on their hands than anyone else.
    1 “million” “moms” post pending,

  • Louis

    @KittyLitter: Sighs sad but true unfortunately I have a few in my own family.

  • Jonathonz

    I was ready to be offended but I wasn’t at all. I think that was handled well. I am however offended by the bedbug pillow on the couch…yuck!

  • darkmoonearth

    Saw it, and plenty of other episodes before it, and saw nothing offensive about whatsoever.

  • yaoming

    Interesting how mom1 said: “This is Taylor’s other mom”, not: “This is my wife.” I guess that didn’t get past the focus-group.

  • hotshot70

    Disney was known to be against Jewish people and gays. Which is why I never endorse or support anything Disney

  • jimbryant

    The offensive thing about Disney’s depiction of lesbians is that it is so unrealistic. These lesbians look fake. Their hairstyles are straight out of a hair salon where women go to do their hair so that it appeals to their husbands.

    Disney is guilty of unrealistic stereotypes that are designed to not offend straight people. It’s homophobic.

    Not only did Disney go for the safest appearance, note how it went also for the safest gender – ie women. Where is its depictions of homosexual men? Afraid, is it?

    It’s time we flushed Disney down the toilet. It’s not a particularly gay-friendly organization. It distorts in a way which is designed to not offend straights.

  • hotshot70

    OMG, I sounded like @jimbryant. Someone smack me! lol

  • traveler318

    @yaoming To be fair, the show takes place in Colorado, where same-sex marriage is not yet legal. So, they may well not be married.

  • Alan down in Florida

    @yaoming: The show takes place in Colorado so the two moms are probably not married.

  • tr6886

    I will agree on jimbryant’s comment this time cause we all know that the real lesbians who are raising up the children don’t really look like that stylish. I think it’s time for TV to portray what is real gay and lesbian.

  • QuintoLover

    @hotshot70: I hear this all the time and while it’s true that Walt was a bit of a bigot, he DID grow up in another time. He was wrong but things could have been different if he was born thirty or forty years later. And that doesn’t mean that the company that moved on after he passed away should be blamed for that.

  • xzall

    @Louis: I looked and there are also quite a few very positive comments as well.

  • jimbryant

    It’s as if Disney put these “lesbians” through the “straightening” machine to make them look as straight as possible. Disney’s gay employees tend to not like the butch lesbian look because it offends straight guys.

  • tardis

    Roaring laugh track? I was waiting for this scene to be milked for all the ignorant humor that could come from it. Sorry, queerty. You guys are being way too sensitive here.

  • Daniel

    This has definitely a great step toward children accepting that some kids have two parents who are both moms or both dads. I think it is a wonderful thing for Disney to do something like this. Another milestone for the LGBTQA+ Community.

  • jpcflyer

    Good for Disney. I thought it was handled well. (I don’t watch anything with a laugh track since they are all inane.)

  • gauty

    WOW. Did the “writer” actually watch the episode?? THERE WAS LAUGHTER BECAUSE THIS SHOW IS A MULTI-CAM, WHICH ALWAYS FEATURES LAUGH TRACKS YOU LIMP BUFFOON! Jesus fucking Christ, way to be dismissive and venomous about a huge step forward in the representation of LGBTQA folk on Disney, real edgy! None of the aspects of the lesbian parents were up for laughs, not even what you are describing; you are literally lying about what we can see in freaking MOVING IMAGES. I’m so sorry you’re a writer for Queerty, it must sting your soul every hour of every day to know that you have to write articles in the way this site wants it to trend so it can stir outrage and controversy. I picture you as one of those poor Chinese factory workers at an assembly line, only with a masters in English on their wall and the fading tear stains of faded aspirations on their pillow. (Although that’s probably way too generous, the spelling in general on this site leaves much to be desired…)

  • sangsue

    Apparently, no one has ever heard of “lipstick lesbians?” And femme lesbians. I don’t understand why lesbians can’t be pretty and made up and glamorous in TV shows. Straight women are. Why can’t they be idealized too. Maybe you’re the one who are so caught up in stereotypes. Did it ever occur to you that maybe lesbians and bisexual women would like to see hot women too?

  • christineisalesbian

    I’m wondering if y’all are kidding, with all this, “Real lesbians ain’t hot, Disney is being unrealistic, blah blah.” Like are you fucking kidding me? You people seriously need to get over your damned prejudice, you’re seriously just saying that all lesbians are masculine, and also that masculinity is unattractive in women while you turn around and fawn over some Man with a capital M. Just fuck off, we don’t need our community stereotyping each other. Let’s love to love

  • linda gomez

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  • Louis

    @xzall: Nods yes there are and were I think that’s definitely a sign that we are slowly progressing in this country. A good amount of the commenters are younger viewers they do seem too be more capable of showing open mindedness and compassion then some of the older generation is nowadays.

  • IzzyLuna

    C’mon Matthew…

    This was handled great. There’s a laugh track cause it’s a sitcom. Should it be completely serious when they appear? The joke is on the dad who didn’t realize what was happening before they arrive and when he does, that’s where the laugh comes in.

    I guess to make you happy, the show should be completely silent of a laugh track when they appear and it should not be funny because that would mean the audience is laughing at them. I can see you’re a professional sitcom writer! Oh wait…

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