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Disney Gay Days Coming To Shanghai In 2014

It took less than a year after its September 2005 opening for Hong Kong Disneyland to be overtaken by red-shirted homos for the theme park’s first Gay Days in 2006. How long will it take for Shanghai Disneyland?

After more than 15 years of talks, a $3.6 billion park is coming to Shanghai, the company and the Chinese government announced today, which would be the media giant’s fourth non-domestic theme park.

Set to open in 2014 and cover 1.5 square miles. (For reference, according to our Wikipedia/Google calculations, Disneyland in California is just 0.13 square miles, Disneyland Tokyo is 0.17 square miles, while Disneyworld in Florida is a whopping 47 square miles.) Thank goodness China has so many gays, ’cause we need to blanket that shit.