Disney Smackdown!

We can’t really say we’re surprised Disney forced a group of gay students to shutter their production of Sister Act. We’re a bit astonished, however, that they’re using the old “intellectual property rights” excuse. Couldn’t they just come out and say, “Stupid faggots, we’re greedy monsters. If we’re not making a buck, no one will!”

Of the cancellation, the show’s producer, Jeff Rockett said:

Six months of hard work, all for nothing. Cast and crew had given up their weekends and any spare time to rehearse and promote the play. They are simply in disbelief that something they have poured their hearts and souls into has been destroyed by an organization that has brought joy to many of them in their younger years.

We are dumbfounded by Disney’s stance towards what is a charitable, non-profit-making society, aimed at promoting safety and integration for the student LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community. We were just having fun.

Didn’t you hear? There’s absolutely, positively no fun involved when it comes to performing Disney produced classics. None. Not unless you pay them first. Then you can have all the fun in the world…depending on how much you pay, of course…

(PS: Our lawyers want us to make clear that the image above is not Mickey Mouse. Any resemblance is a mere coincidence. Besides, all mice look alike.)