Disneyland Displays Boy Mannequin Sporting Minnie Mouse Gear In Storefront Window

window_disneyThe happiest place on earth is taking its support of the LGBT community to the next level. Both Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney World in Orlando have long been the destination spots for Gay Days — the annual event where gays and lesbians wear red shirts and converge on the theme parks. While Disney is not involved in the organization of Gay Days, it has a long-running history of being welcoming and accommodating. Now, in an effort to place emphasis on acceptance and equality, one of the shops in Disney California Adventure Park has placed a gender non-conforming mannequin on display in its storefront window.

The boy mannequin, wearing a pair of blue jeans, has been accessorized with a Minnie Mouse hat, T-shirt and purse. There are also a couple of dolls placed next to him on the floor along with another purse and a Snow White storybook. The window makes a strong statement about accepting children for who they are and allowing them to explore their identities without attaching traditional (and archaic) masculine and feminine labels.

The display hasn’t generated much attention from park-goers; however, one Disneyland annual passport holder thought it was step in the right direction.

“I think that it’s great that the Disney company can put something like this on display in the parks,” Jarret Hastings told The New Civil Rights Movement. “Not every guest may notice that it’s a boy mannequin with traditionally feminine attire but it goes to show that Disney is a supportive organization that welcomes everyone.”

Well said, Jarret. Now if we could just get Disney to release a full-feature cartoon where the prince falls in love with another prince, we’d be happier than Cinderella was when she slipped her foot into that glass slipper.