Ed Westwick took some tabloid ribbing earlier this week for being inseparable from his Gossip Girl cast mate and roomie Chace Crawford. The innuendo, of course, was that the boys are more than just friends.

You know what that means – it’s time for a straight sex tip:

Apparently, Ed Westwick can stand to be separated from close friend/roommate Chace Crawford… [He] was “seriously making out with some random chick” at Lit bar Wednesday night, says a spy. “When the two left together, Ed was leading her by the hand. He was moving quick, but he had time to wink at a hot brunette before slipping out.”

Two for the price of one? Well played, “spy!”


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  • REBELComx

    The Lady doth protest too much, me thinks?

  • dizzy spins

    I cant believe the tabloids still run these “seen making out at X bar” items. Theyre so clumsy and obviously placed by publicists. I mean if this was 1956 i could see the public buying it, but arent we too media-savvy (and saturated) to believe all this canoodling crap?

    Im not saying Westwick is gay, but Lit is a dark, cavernous club. there’s no way anyone would know if you “winked” at someone on your way out.

    PS: I would love if someone did a study of these items and tracked how many times the same phrases appeared. Like “seriously making out with an unknown chick.”

  • Alan down in Florida

    And we care why?

  • Forrest

    This goes to show that these days it’s become more acceptable not totally but it can be “hot” when two lesbians are dating. The majority of celebrity gay couples stay closeted because of the nagging “ick” factor. Especially if they want to become A list stars. So many people can’t deal with two guys screwing in their heads. Get over already people. Straight couples backdoor it too.

  • Cam

    Ok, Publicists, we ALL know that these “Making out in public” events ONLY occure when either
    1. your clients relationship is on the rocks and you want to pretend it isn’t like when Justin and Cameron were seeing “Making out for 3 hours at some club” 1 week before they finally broke up
    2. your client is gay and needs people to see them with somebody of the opposit sex.
    Your “Making out in public” stories are as bogus as claiming your clients went into the hospital for “Exaustion” so please give it a rest.

  • PJ

    Yeah, because you are kissing a girl, leave with her holding your hand and you wink at another girl makes you straight. We all know that.

    One word, Ed: Beard.

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