Who Is Distributing Pro-Gay, Pro-Gun Posters Throughout West Hollywood?


A mysterious poster campaign began making its way through West Hollywood on Wednesday morning; posters featuring a queered-up version of the Gadsden Flag, complete with a rattlesnake chillaxin’ on top of the Pride rainbow.

Featuring the hashtag #ShootBack, the poster is not-so subtly advocating for a harsher, more aggressive stance on gay self-defense.

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As The Daily Wire reports, the posters have been seen all over the neighborhood, prominently displayed on storefronts for Pacific Design Center, The Abbey, and, improbably, West Hollywood City Hall.

Artist Chad Michael Morrisette even arranged 50 mannequins on his rooftop to highlight the artwork; an oblique tribute to the Pulse victims.

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The poster campaign is clearly a call to (and for) arms; a provocative plea for gays to abandon any notion of pacifism, and embrace the Second Amendment rather than hope for its amendment.

Here are some photographs from The Daily Wire‘s pictorial essay: