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Diva Drag Queens Of Las Vegas Will Bring Magic And Theater To Foster Youth Of L.A.

Frank Marino

There are thousands of children, many LGBT, in Los Angeles who can’t safely live with their own families due to abuse, neglect or abandonment and many have special medical, emotional, or educational needs. The non-profit group Cops4Causes will host a benefit on March 13 to help these kids find safe, stable, and loving family unit and has enlisted an ensemble of the most popular drag performers in Las Vegas for what’s dubbed the Golden Ticket benefit concert.

L.A. Deputy Christopher Landavazo, who is both founder and president of the non-profit group, says the Golden Ticket program, which will provide opportunities for foster youth and their foster or adoptive families to attend live productions from some of Los Angeles’ finest theaters, has become a personal mission for him.

“As a Deputy who has worked the streets of L.A. County I have experienced situations that cause law enforcement to take action and to remove children and youth from bad and sometimes life-threatening circumstances,” he told Queerty. “Some youth have left bad homes and have taken to the streets to survive doing anything they can to make a dollar.” Landavazo adds that as a member of the gay community, he was impacted by the UCLA Williams Institute study that found one in five foster youth identifies as LGBT.

With the Golden Ticket, Cops4Causes has launched a program that could create a significantly different relationship between youth in the foster care system and law enforcement. Landavazo hopes it will be “one built on art and beauty that would allow children to dream by experiencing the magic of theater.”

And this is something Sin City drag legend Frank Marino and his renowned Divas Las Vegas troupe know a thing or two about so when Landavazo asked them to provide entertainment for the fundraiser in L.A., they couldn’t refuse.

“Me and my entire Divas cast are so looking forward to performing in L.A. for the first time in over a decade, especially for such a good cause,” Marino told Queerty. “I’m bringing a show that everyone will enjoy from prom kids to senior citizens. We will have every superstar from Katy Perry to Liza Minnelli. Anytime there’s a benefit that can help the youth of America, I’m always first to volunteer.Performing for 30 years in Las Vegas, I learned early on that it’s a give and take and I’ve always believed you have to remember that it’s nice to be important but more important to be nice ”

It’s certain to be an unforgettable night. Find out more about the event and get tickets here.