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Divine’s full 1999 ‘E! True Hollywood Story,’ for your viewing pleasure

Some kind soul has done the world a favor and uploaded the entire 1999 “E! True Hollywood Story” episode that takes a deep dive into all things Divine.

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The segment naturally features interview clips with queer shock cinema auteur John Waters, for whom Divine was a muse in the truest sense.

Watch below:

h/t OMG

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  • Harley

    Great. Thank you for another imbedded video that doesn’t play. Very enjoyable episode.

  • BriBri

    I used to work with John Waters and bartended the wake for Divine! It’s so sad Divine never saw the success of Hairspray!
    Fun times in Baltimore.

  • dommyluc

    Big as a house. And all ratted up like some teenage Jezebel!
    (And if you think that’s an insult, you really don’t belong on this site, and you REALLY need to brush up on your pop culture. LOL!)

    • BriBri

      Divine was fun and an interesting person! He did a few performances at the Hippo in Baltimore too.

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