DNC, Hitchcock Lawyers Face-Off After Failed Mediaton

Things got heated after Donald Hitchcock’s failed mediation with the Democratic National Committee.

A former gay outreach officer, Hitchcock’s suing the party organ for discrimination and wrongful termination. He claims Chairman Howard Dean and other leaders sacked him in retaliation for his boyfriend’s public criticism of the party. The DNC denies the allegations and potential settlement talks crumbled last week.

And months of tension exploded soon after…

Hitchcock attorney Tara Jensen sent a letter last week to Joe Young, who represents the DNC, blasting his “unprofessional” conduct, including telling her to “know” her place.

The argument came after Young allegedly “misrepresented” trial date details to the court clerk. According to Jensen, he set a pretrial date later than agreed – sixty days after the second mediation date, September 11, rather than 60 days after the mediation, which went down July 31st. Had Young gotten his way, the pretrial date would have fallen after election day.

Jensen called Young out on his erroneous adjustment and that’s when he got a bit wild:

At that point, you became physically intimidating, and moved quickly toward me, within six inches of my face. In fact, you were so close that you spit on my face. You then proceeded to point your finger at me, and in an angry, raised voice yelled, “Don’t you ever contradict me,” and “Don’t you ever interrupt me.” You also told me to “know my place.”

The tongue-lashing lasted about a minute before Hitchcock stepped between the warring lawyers. The DNC’s lawyers have issued a full apology for Young’s actions.

Here’s the PDF of Jensen’s letter to Young

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  • rocketboy

    This sounds like what Leah Daughtry’s Lawyers did to the Washington Blade. Itimidation tactics will always backfire…


    Leah Daughtry’s Lawyers Accused Of Strong Arming

    Some DNC-associated lawyers have been up to no good. Homo-journo Kevin Naff alleges that DNC Chief of Staff Leah Daughtry sent her lawyers to intimidate him.

    Naff, whose op-ed appears tomorrow’s Washington Blade, the representatives tried to put the squeeze on him and his publisher:

    Naff writes that he “got a taste of the Democratic wrath last month, after criticizing DNC Chair Howard Dean and his chief of staff, Leah Daughtry, in an editorial.”
    According to Naff, Daughtry responded to the editorial by sending two lawyers to confront him and Blade publisher Lynne Brown, lodging what Naff calls “red-faced cursing and threatening of lawsuits.”

    One of Daughtry’s lawyers, Charlie Kimmet, denies the allegations and described their meeting as “not at all contentious”.

    We’re really not surprised by Naff’s statements, for we also have received some less than cordial calls from DNC representatives. And when we say “less-than-cordial,” we mean these people were livid and sounded certifiable for all their paranoia. The most unsettling thing about our encounters was the sense of entitlement felt on their part, as if we had to bow down to all their demands. Doesn’t the DNC know that we gays don’t bow down for just anyone?

    Meanwhile, on a related note, the DNC gay chair Claire Lucas continues to skirt questioning over the DNC’s discrimination discovery. You all recall that former staffer Donald Hitchcock filed a suit after DNC officials fired him soon after Hitchcock’s boyfriend wrote a critical open letter about the organization, which he claims treated him unfairly for being gay.

    Lucas refused to cooperate with the court and never testified. Hitchcock’s lawyers made one more attempt this week after hearing that Lucas would be in DC for a fund raiser at DNC donator Howard Ockman’s house. In an effort to get Lucas on the stand, Hitchcock’s lawyers sent a letter to Lucas’ team urging her to testify. They have not yet heard back. No wonder this girl has such a bad reputation in DC – and it’s beginning to taint the DNC.

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