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  • galefan2004

    This is really my worst fears coming true. I actually like my US Congressman from my district, and I was relatively certain that getting him elected in 2010 would be a bitch if Obama got elected, and it seems that that is exactly how it is going.

  • Sceth

    Don’t send your money to the DNC where it gets swamped in what looks like an unwritten austerity policy.
    I’m concerning my pocket with state initiatives; SCOTUS’ opinion some years down the line will be influenced by the tide of the public.

  • Greg L.

    Yes, I just wrote the DCCC asking them to please refrain from the shopworn, Pavlovian tactic of showing me photos of Dick Cheney to scare me into donating.

    I told them that I am more scared of inaction by the Democratic Congress and president I helped elect than I am of a powerless ex-VP who is as much of an advocate for my equal rights as they are.

    Show me, Dems. Show me.

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