DNC Offers Near Empty Response On Indiana Party’s Anti-Gay Ways

The Democrats sure are good at lackluster apologies!

Homo-journo Bil Browning raised a justifiable stink this week after Indiana’s Democratic party funded state Represenative Andy Schemenaur’s anti-gay flier, which touted the politico’s commitment to “traditional” family values.

Though the Democratic National Committee wagged a finger at the Hoosier State, their contrition may not be entirely pure:

While this flier is disappointing, it’s a reminder that while we have made great progress to ensure equal rights and protections under the law for every American, clearly there is still more education that is needed even within our party. But we cannot let this deter us from electing a democratic president.

A vote for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party is a vote for equal rights and protections under the law. Just last year, Indiana Democrats kept a discriminatory marriage amendment off the ballot. History shows that when we elect Democrats there is great progress toward equality and fairness, which is why we need to focus on electing Barack Obama our next President.

So, basically they’re saying, “Yeah, some of our peers are bastards, but not Barack.” We can understand that, although it would be much better if the DNC really laid down the law on this type of behavior. Could it be they’re just pandering to Indiana’s anti-gay voters? Looks that way…

Indiana’s party, however, doesn’t seem to be budging. Browning tried to get an initial statement from spokesperson Lauren Smith, but to no avail. Blogger Michael Rogers then decided to give it a whirl and still received no apology – or even an explanation:

When asked why the state party would print a document that could be construed as divisive, and if it stood by the mailers or would apologize for them, Indiana Democratic Party spokesperson Lauren Smith declined to comment.