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  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    No, there is insufficient information to draw a conclusion that the boycott is successful or not. That the DNC out raised the Republicans simply reports that the national party which controls the House, the Senate and the White House was able to out raise the national party that cannot direct any legislation through Congress nor has the bully pulpit of the White House.

    A better measure of determining a success/failure of the boycott would be a month-to-month measure of DNC receipts, analysis of contributions from existing contributors compared to new contributors, and an analysis of contributions by a category based on sexual identity.

    Perhaps Americablog, also with the aided efforts of Queerty, Pam’s Houseblend, Joe.My.God., Towleroad, and other gay blogs, could setup a website where those who have joined the boycott listing their former levels of DNC contributions.

    Certainly the DNC nor HRC are going to willingly conduct analysis whether the level of anger within the gay community over the DNC’s disheartening and lackluster support of LGBT causes has translated into lower levels of financial support. I for one, hope that the boycott is successful; give money only to individual Democratic legislators/candidates that actively, openly, and LOUDLY support our community.

  • AndrewW

    This is beginning to demonstrate that John Aravosis idea to publicly piss on the Democrats was a stupid idea.

    Aravosis and other self-defined “activists” need to understand that demands or boycotts without any real threat just make us look childish. The Democrats don’t need us. We’re a very small group. We’ll continue to be a small group if we keep thinking small.

    We will not create our equality until we get people to join us – pissing on them won’t work.

  • delurker again

    The Democrats passing a signature issue that the party has campaigned on for decades has a little something to with it, dontcha think?

  • tjr101

    People fail to realize that the LGBT community is not and never will be a significant voting block that can cause a dent in the financial contributions of political parties.

    The democrats raised a lot of cash because they passed heathcare reform which is a top priority for the majority of the party base. Not gay rights. Gays boycotting the DNC is like shouting underwater, no one’s going to hear you.

  • reason

    The Democrats are not going to be judged on Gay issues, it is one of many issues facing the country that the party is working on. It would be very difficult to get all gays to join a boycott let alone straight Democrats granted that most people are multi-issue Democrats and multi-issue voters. The administration is giving the highest priorities to issues that will impact the most people, but has still gone on record stating they will advance the ball on gay equality. Trying to punish the party by withholding donations, or sit-ins at one of the most pro-gay legislators office is not going to work, it may even backfire leading to the opposite outcome.

    13 million is a huge haul especially considering the country is in the middle of a recession, and the party is facing one of the most publicized, energized, and rancorous opposition in a several decades.

    The party is a roller-coaster ride doing things I like and dislike simultaneous, but instead of attacking the party we should do our best to support and corral it towards our goals from within. I may be an independent thinker and hold some conservative views, but I have ascertained that the current republican party and some administrations from the past have a faulty moral compass regardless of what they preach. The rest of our energy should be used to build coalitions and show opponents of gay rights why their assumptions and beliefs are wrong.

  • Chandler in Las Vegas

    Well, I’m contributing only to local candidates directly and nothing to Gay Inc.

    And when I resume giving to Gay Inc. it will only be to Lambda Legal.

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