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DNC Revising Dean’s ‘700 Club’ Appearance

There’s more trouble brewing for the Democratic National Committee. Rumor has it the DNC’s gay treasurer, Andrew Tobias, has been revising a bit of homo-related history. Our sources tell us that Tobias recently sent a message to gay Democratic donors claiming that Chairman Howard Dean did not know he was being interview for the 700 Club back in 2006.

Dean misspoke during that interview and claimed the Democrats believed marriage to be between one man and one woman. Tobias has allegedly been telling supporters that Dean thought he was being interviewed for ABC Family, not the Christian Broadcasting Network’s long-running news show. He’s apparently been tossing this story around for some time, for a May 11, 2006 email to gay Democrats reads,

Howard was NOT a guest on the 700 Club. He agreed to an interview with the CBN/ABC Family channel. Our feeling is that we can’t ignore the millions of people who watch CBN/ABC Family Channel programs just because Pat Robertson happens to be on for 30 minutes a day and grabs news content from the network.

CBN reporter David Brody confirmed this weekend, however, that Dean was well aware of the journalist’s outlet: “When I interviewed Gov. Dean in 2006 he and his staff knew it was for the 700 Club. That was made very clear.”

Tobias reportedly defended himself this weekend by saying he had been “misinformed” by a DNC staffer.

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  • Charley

    Tobias is a financial fixture of the DNC because of the Clinton connection, a FOB (friend of Bill). I like the gay guys that are suing DNC, they had spirit and wanted change inside the DNC, away from business as usual, polite members of a bureaucracy, two faced smoozing for donations.

  • Brian Miller

    I think they honestly believe gay voters are stupid and gullible. First Howie blasted out that big stinking gust of political verbal flatulence on 700 Club as a clear effort to pander to the far right — and neither Dean nor the ‘Cratties apologized for his homophobia.

    Then Andy T. follows up with a cover story that only a total idiot would believe.

    Someone should ask the DNC if they’ve tested the political IQ of gay voters and learned that most are higher than the double digits. Judging from their clumsy yet slimy machinations on gay issues, it seems obvious the Democrats think we’re all stupid.

  • Bill Perdue

    Why would anyone be surprised that the Democrats continue to lie to and pander to christian bigots while reserving the usual ration of empty promises and rhetoric for GLBT folk? Their record on GLBT rights and the central problems facing American working people is awful.

    O – Democrats are the party of DOMA.

    O – Democrats talk about repealing Bill Clintons DADT but they’ve controlled Congress since 2006 and haven’t done it because they don’t have the votes in their own party to do it.

    O – They did pass hate crimes legislation in both houses but then calculatingly ‘misplaced’ it so it wouldn’t be an issue in the elections.

    O – They raped ENDA. The amendments that Barney Frank and the Republicans attached to it gutted what was already a bare bones bill and they deliberately tried to divide the GLBT community, to pit us against one another.

    O – They were elected to end the war but they fund it and are for extending it into Iran (Clinton) and Pakistan (Obama).

    O – They support NAFTA, a rolling environmental disaster that devastated the economies of Mexico and Central American.

    O – Democrats, like Republicans are pro business and favor deregulation and immense tax breaks for the rich. Clintons deregulation program unleashed corporate and banking tigers that feed on working people.

    O – Their bipartisan deregulation of banking opened the door for the current crisis in mortgage foreclosure in which John Edwards was in on up to his neck until he got outed by the NY Times.

    For GLBT folk support of the Democrats is a political closet and for everyone they’re every bit as much a roadblock to progress as their cousins the Republicans. We have to leave that closet and get on with our own struggles. The next administration, no matter who wins will continue the politics of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton/Obama/Edwards/Giuliani/McCain. They’re all formed from the same corporate cookie cutter and all laced with toxins as far as our rights are concerned. They’re all unacceptable.
    The US political landscape during the next administration will feature widespread political splintering as the groundswell of opposition builds. The constituencies of the twin parties are moving to the left and another dose of lesser evil in the White House will accelerate that trend.

  • hells kitchen guy

    What’s “O” stand for in all your comments? O my? Oprah? O-spot?
    “The constituencies of the twin parties are moving to the left.” I want some of what you’re snorting! If anything, I see a shift to the right on the GOP side. Definitely to the left on Dems, but I guess not far enuff for some people …

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