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Do Lesbians Love Anderson? Are Go-Gos Oppressed? Are Gay Dorms The Third Circle of Hell?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, where we present the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy replies that came directly from you, the readers! Here’s what made us ponder or giggle in the office:



An entire dorm full of genderqueer wymynyst neo-liberals holding candlelight hug-ins and screaming about the privileged white heteronormative cisgender patriarchy oppressing them because they didn’t get the parking spot closest to the door?

I think you’ve just redefined my definition of Hell.

JayKay would rather swallow thumbtacks than live in LGBT housing, in Gay Halls In University Dorms: Good Idea Or Target For Hate Crimes?



What the article is saying is that gay people can easily get their rights if they’re willing to throw certain things under the bus to get them: Labour, the environment, the poor, etc. This really isn’t surprising at all and it makes perfect sense. The same thing has happened historically with every underclass that has eventually been adopted into the fold of the mainstream: shun the out-group and become part of the in-group. If gays could prove to republicans that they were allies in all ways except for the being gay part, they’d be worth accepting into the fold.

Its a disgusting idea but it comes from the Advocate, so I’m not surprised at all.

Japhet suggests you to look at the bigger, uglier picture, in If LGBTs Want Rights, It’s Time To Start Befriending Republicans



Go-go boys have been relegated to the shadows of society, grinding their pelvises in the faces of pathetic, self-loathing twilight men in darkened, shameful bars. It’s time they got the recognition and approval they have deserved for so long, and to come out into the daylight! The humanitarian role they play in society at long last is being recognized!

Marie Cohn might be confused about what a go-go boy is (or just teasing), in Forget Harvey Milk Day—WeHo Passes Go-Go Appreciation Day!



I would turn in my dyke card for Anderson Cooper.

Mav leads the way for lady-lovers who love CNN’s silver fox, in WATCH: The Anderson Cooper Shirtlessness Begins!



The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is a front group. The “churches” that decide the messaging and provide the funding, are the ones who really should be listed. They hide their identities, just as the people who funded the KKK hide their identities.

Hate is ultimately self-defeating. In time, it turns inward and destroys itself. Opposition from groups like SPLC can hasten the process, but the direction and the ultimate result are unchanged. The “churches” that fund NOM are spending their power and authority on the effort, not just their money.

Steve knows an axis of evil when he sees it, in Is It Time To Declare NOM A Hate Group?