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Do Not Pull A Gun On the Giant Cross-Dressing Prostitute

Rufus Bowman (left) thought he could rip off any prostitute in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, so he allegedly solicited the services of a tall person wearing heels and a halter top. Too bad that person was a one Joshua Bumpus, a 6-foot-1 290-pound cross-dressing sex worker, so when Bowman (5-foot-7, 230-pounds) pulled a gun in the alley, the two men brawled, Bumpus got shot in the arm but continued fighting, and ended up beating the shit out of Bowman before a gaggle of other street walkers gathered ’round and flagged down a cop. Says county prosecutor Ryan Nelson: Bowman “picked the wrong prostitute to rob.” Yessir.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    and ended up beating the shit out of Bowman

    I would have paid good money to se that go down!

  • EdWoody


  • ouaisOut

    You go on with your bad self, sister!

    Me and my girl had to shut down a couple of potential fag-bashers last night in the Castro. It’s Halloween again and they keep coming over here even though they haven’t been invited- by the police- for the last 10 years. Lord, there were even more drunk “fuck you faggot/dyke!” screamers than ever. I think that’s part of the draw of Halloween in the Castro now. It’s the Take the Train In, Get Drunk and Scream at/Beat Up Fags/Dykes Holiday. smdh. So I’m feeling this girl even more than usual today.

    Back to honoring girlfriend…

    Check her photo. She didn’t even muss her hair. She looks great (for a mug shot). After being shot in the arm. Then handing out more whoop-ass.

  • hotone2me


  • Kev C

    Joshua Bumpus should let people know where they can send donations to her.

  • professor Moriarty

    get it girl.

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