Do Not Sell XY‘s Underage Mailing List To Anyone Mentioned Below

Until its demise in 2007, the twinkfest gay magazine XY filled the void while Abercrombie & Fitch Quarterly was on hiatus. But the magazine, which launched in 1996, is now the only remaining asset of owner Peter Ian Cummings, who filed for bankruptcy and whose mailing list (of about 100,000 people) and online profile database 500,000-1,000,000) might hold some value. The FTC doesn’t want to see it sold, because the names on the list undoubtedly include many minors, many of them likely closeted. (A sale also might violate XY‘s original privacy agreement, which assured subscribers their names and addresses would never be shared or sold.) But whatever ends up happening in bankruptcy court, make sure none of the following are allowed near the database.

NAMBLA. The North American Man/Boy Love Association would love to get its hands on the home addresses of vulnerable young gay men, but unless Chris Hansen is going to be there to meet each one at the door, turn ’em down.

George Alan Rekers. The enthusiast likely had his Internet access shut off by his wife, so his only way of communicating with cute twinks is through the mail. Don’t give him a windfall of a pen pal master list

Exodus International. For a group that believes homosexuality is something it can cure, nothing is more valuable than an Excel sheet filled with the names and hometowns of possible turncoats. Get ’em while they’re young. And malleable.

The Catholic Church. While the Vatican pretends to crack on on priests abusing boys, it’s also faced with the stark reality that fewer and fewer people are joining or staying with the church. What better way to replenish the altar boy roster than with a direct marketing campaign?

Former Rep. Eric Massa. The lithe, smooth torsos of XY cover boys might be irresistible to this snorkeler, but some things don’t deserve tickling.

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