Do Queer Bars And Queer People Spend More On Booze Than They Do On LGBT Organizations?

Urvashi Vaid, the former head of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, described the failure of LGBT political groups to connect with gay bars as “a huge missed opportunity.” She told me: “We never figured out how to organize successfully through the bars. You see tables—information, literature, those kinds of strategies. You don’t see the bar owner or the party promoter sharing the bar [mailing] list with the local political organization.” Today, gay political groups largely ignore the hundreds of thousands of Americans who spend Saturday night in their local gay bar.

– Slate.com’s June Thomas discussing the rumored decline in gay bar culture. While the article came out a few months ago, as the political season ramps back up, it mades us wonder: “Do gay bars do enough to support the fight for gay rights? And do you spend more money in gay bars than you do on LGBT organizations?”